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Luxurious and great-looking clutches compose the Tyler Ellis X Hamda Al Fahim exclusive capsule collection. OHLALA had the pleasure of talking to the American designer, Tyler Ellis, to learn more about this exciting collaboration.

OHLALA – Brand collaborations are a trend in the fashion world. Why do you think this is happening even more often? And how beneficial can it be for the labels involved?
Tyler Ellis –
Collaborations are wonderful because designers/artists with different areas of expertise get to work together to create products that push them out of their comfort zones, allowing the creative juices to thrive. Partnerships also enable brands to expand their footprint by showcasing their work to new pockets of consumers they might not typically have had access to.

OHLALA – How do you choose which collaborations will be good for your brand?
Tyler –
When contemplating a collaboration, the main factors I consider are quality of craftsmanship and design aesthetic. I want to work with people who appreciate and understand luxury and want to create thoughtful and unique works of art. It’s also very important to make sure the potential partner is as engaged in the project as you are to make it truly worthwhile.

OHLALA – What made Tyler Ellis and Hamda Al Fahim join forces and create a unique capsule?
Tyler –
Our views of luxury are the same – we want to create unique pieces focusing on intricate details and top craftsmanship. Brand synergy was there, so we decided to embark on designing a collection of couture clutches in the spirit of true luxury.

OHLALA – For whom was this collection created?
Tyler –
It was created for the international, fashion-savvy woman who recognises and values artisanal craftsmanship and exceptional beauty. These unique pieces are meant to be enjoyed by glamorous women looking for a hidden gem – the extremely rare haute couture clutch – which is difficult to find in the current world of luxury handbags.

OHLALA – What is the message behind these creations?
Tyler –
The clutches are timeless works of art, combining artisanal excellence from both the eastern and western worlds. We chose some of Hamda’s more ornate and traditional embroideries and paired them with my understated, geometric silhouettes, broaching a beautiful balance between our two aesthetics. The satins used on each handcrafted clutch are shipped directly from my factory in Italy to Abu Dhabi, where they are embroidered by hand and then sent back to Italy, where the newly embellished fabric is faceted to our custom-made metal frames/shells. It’s all about the details!

OHLALA – What did you learn in this partnership?
Tyler –
Never rush and make sure you are proud and happy with every design aspect. Delays are not ideal but, in the long run, taking time to build the exceptional product you are envisioning makes it all worth the wait.

OHLALA – What key elements and main inspiration can’t be missed in a collection created for Middle Eastern women?
Tyler –
When designing a collection with Middle Eastern women in mind, I make sure to focus on elevated elegance with eye-catching details. To me, the region embodies sophisticated yet stimulating fashion – a classic, sleek shape with embellishments worthy of a queen.

OHLALA – Will we see more Tyler Ellis X Hamda Al Fahim capsules in the future?
Tyler –
Hamda and I have never met in person. We designed the entire capsule via zoom and email. I’m hoping to travel to the region later this year and visit Hamda and her atelier, where I can truly take in her beautiful work. We shall see what incredible inspiration that might lead to – stay tuned!

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