Now that summer is here it’s the perfect time to overhaul your skincare routine. With the weather warming up and sun exposure becoming more of a concern, it’s just as important to switch up your skincare habits as ANGELA BEITZ explains.



Due to environmental factors in this region such as super strong sun, exposure to AC and lots of humidity its easy for skin to become clogged and congested. For natural looking skin, less is more. Swapping out your regular foundation for a tinted moisturiser is a simple way to warm up the complexion without heavy layers of foundation. Your skin will thank you for it.

Winter leaves lots of dry skin thanks to long showers and heave creams so to remove dead cells and buff away dry winter skin, you’re going to need an effective facial and body exfoliant. For your body, coffee scrubs and sugar scrubs work well to deeply exfoliate and to nourish your skin at the same time while for your face you’ll want something more gentle yet still something that will remove the top level of dead skin.

Whether you’re out and about or sitting behind a desk, we all get a little fatigued throughout the day. When it’s hot outside, a great way to refresh is with a few spritzes of toning mist. Hydrating, refreshing and radiance boosting, hydrating mists can be used throughout the day to revitalise tired skin and will give your skin a the boost it needs.

To ensure your limbs are looking hydrated and silky smooth, it’s all about hydration from head to toe a decent body moisturiser or body butter will do wonders for your skin. Go for natural ingredients to really hydrate and soften skin and to to reduce cellulite and firm the skin while improving hydration. For velvety soft skin, apply both morning and night after showering.

Wearing SPF every day of the year in this region is super important as UV rays can creep through at anytime and they sun here is brutal. However, if you don’t wear daily SPF, summer is definitely the time to start thinking about it. Its so important to apply an SPF that is 50+ and don’t forget your ears and chest and back of hands. There are plenty of noncomogenic options too for those with oily skin so no excuses for anyone – SPF is a must. To set your make-up, using primers that include SPF means your skin is protected from UV rays and you’re still able to apply your make-up flawlessly.

If you’re taking the time to protect your skin, it would make no sense to forget about your hair as increased exposure to sun and chlorine can dry out your hair, causing it to become damaged. You should be using a treatment mask or conditioner to hydrate your locks twice a week and in this region an aftersun recovery spray is an excellent option to put some moisture back into your locks.

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