What can make everyone’s day better? A massage! Fernanda Langhammer went to The Ritz-Carlton Spa to press pause and have a relaxing time.

Not everyone is so lucky to go for a massage after a busy day at work (or at home; we know how hectic a day can be in the life of a stay-at-home mum), but everyone should! At least once a month, we all deserve to destress, put our phones on silent mode for an hour, and let ourselves be pampered. This month, my relaxation session happened at The Ritz-Carlton Spa.

The reception area is spacious, with luxurious pink velvet sofas and acid green cushions. Rezel, the spa receptionist, was waiting for me with a big smile. It was my first visit to The Ritz-Carlton Spa, so after giving me a health form to fill out, Rezel took me for a walk around to show me the facilities. After passing through the ladies’ area glass door, we entered this incredible beauty haven – a space much bigger than I expected.

The décor of wood panels and cream upholstery gives a calming yet elegant vibe. The whole area works with the concept of circles, which offers a cosy ambience with round ottomans, cabinets and curved walls. The changing rooms have a coat of floral wallpaper to add a feminine charm, and indirect lighting gives a sense of intimacy. Beautifully illuminated alcoves highlight the two brands The Ritz-Carton Spa uses: the British ESPA (body, face and scents) and the French Valmont (face and fragrances). It is very tempting to leave with a few items as they are some of the most praised brands worldwide for spa care.

Moving forward, we reached the treatment rooms, all gracefully named after flowers and herbs such as lavender, juniper and thyme. But the crème de la crème in this lavish scenario was behind another glass door – a jaw-dropping thalassotherapy pool. With an eye-catching statue in the middle and a glass dome on top, its natural light illuminates the whole space. Unfortunately, I would not have time to enjoy it, but I will on my next visit.

It was time to return to the changing area where my therapist, Jero, was waiting for me. I slipped into a robe in no time, and we headed to the Marjoram room. The space was cosy and perfect, making me feel like the world was far away behind the closed door. My therapy for the day was the Relaxing Massage, and Jero gave me two options of ESPA oils to smell and choose from. I went for the energising option, made with eucalyptus and peppermint.

I then put my phone away (staying one hour without my mobile is not something I do very often) and laid down on the pleasantly warm bed. Jero closed the curtain at the door, blocking the light from the corridor and creating a lovely atmosphere.

When I was filling out the form, it asked what kind of pressure I wanted and which body parts I would like my therapist to focus on. I opted for medium pressure and, as usual, I requested extra attention to my shoulders and back areas. After talking to Jero, she decided I would benefit if she combined the massage with hot stones.

A hot stone massage is a type of therapy that helps relieve tense muscles, reduces stress and anxiety and promotes sleep. Jero noticed, as soon as she touched my back, that I carried all my tension there. Sometimes it does feel like I am holding the world on my shoulders, but I can be dramatic at times. However, the multiple knots proved that I might not be exaggerating. The relaxing massage became more of a session to try to remove at least some of them. Jero was patient and incredibly skilled.

Her expertise in spotting my real needs and treating them with the best technique available was a highlight. I appreciated that even if you go for a relaxing massage, the therapist will cater to your needs instead of opting for a generic treatment. After one hour of pure delight, mixed with a few moments of pain (the knots were not giving up easily), it was time to say goodbye. Jero asked if she could do anything else for me, and I replied that we could start our session all over again; we laughed, and I promised to return.

On my way out, I met Tania, the Spa Supervisor, who told me more about their commitment to treating the body and mind with various therapies. The menu is extensive with something for everyone – without forgetting that the specialised team is there to help you choose the best option. She also showed me the Spa Boutique that offers ESPA home diffusers, Coola sunscreen, an eye-catching clothing line, beautiful jewellery, and a selection of The Ritz-Carlton branded T-shirts, water bottles and more. A cute corner at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain, that is worth checking.

I left with Tania’s friendly smile in my head and a wish to come back soon.

For more information or to book a treatment, please call
The Ritz-Carlton Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain

on 1758 6808 or email rc.bahrz.spa@ritzcarlton.com

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