The Power of Touch

When we were finally allowed to be pampered again, this editor was lucky enough to be treated to a relaxing massage at Dessange, her favourite beauty spot in town.

The excitement of going for a massage again is difficult to express in one word. I will try to describe this amazing feeling by taking you on each step of my Organic Olfactory Massage at this fantastic urban spa, impeccable salon, and state-of-art gym. By now, I am sure you already know where I’m talking about – Dessange!

Yes, spas are open, and this beloved destination is offering its signature massages once again. However, only if you have your ‘green badge’ (to prove that you’ve had your two vaccine doses and 14 days have passed after the second) ready to be shown at Dessange’s reception. After that, your temperature is checked and the health protocols filled.

I was then accompanied to the changing area and given my own locker where I could find my personal care kit. A fluffy robe (the fleeciest I’ve ever seen), a pair of soft disposable slippers, shower cap, Dessange personalised bag and a few other cute things that you might need. I got ready and entered a private area where you find the spa’s treatment rooms and stunning facilities. My therapist, Ercie, and Joie, the spa manager, were waiting for me with beautiful and welcoming smiles. Both the ambience and the warm reception put me in the mood to disconnect from the world outside and focus on myself.

At the spa area, you need to fill a treatment consultation card with your personal information. With this in hand, the therapists get to know you better and prepare the best treatment for you. Joie wanted me to embrace my experience fully and suggested that I use the facilities before starting my massage to warm up to the whole ‘me-time’ session.

First, I took a shower to remove any impurities and clean my skin to enter the Jacuzzi. The warm water, calming atmosphere, with low lights, and the enticing smell were definitely doing their job. Ercie suggested that I move to the steam room for 15 minutes, then go to the cold (freezing) pool across from the Jacuzzi. I have to confess that I am a bit claustrophobic, and I didn’t last the 15 minutes. So I, unfortunately, missed the benefits of this kind of treatment. I also had to leave the sauna experience for another time (if I ever feel comfortable in a closed humid place). She then suggested I return to the Jacuzzi, and I was more than glad to comply and stay there, relaxing every muscle in my body.

It was time to head to the massage room, and I couldn’t wait any longer. I was eager to relax fully (I was already halfway there with all the ‘Jacuzziing’ and the chilled feeling). Ercie explained that the Organic Olfactory Massage was going to take 90 minutes. Can you imagine having 90 minutes just to yourself? No phone? No emails or kids calling ‘mummy’? I was over the moon with the idea.

The treatment objectives of this specific massage follow an aromatherapy process that combines breathing and healing techniques for pure relaxation. The therapist uses essential oils paired with massage oil and crystal stones placed at the client’s chakras to improve and rebalance her body and mood.

And here I can tell you that this massage is not focused only on your body but also on your whole being. It pairs sensations with proper pressure in specific areas. Ercie told me that the massage is done with three different oils, and I should smell each of them to choose one. The idea here is that your sense of smell will determine what you need the most. My senses selected the uplifting one, which is composed of grapeseed oil that contains high levels of vitamin E, helping to reduce cell damage from free radicals. It also has lemon essential oil that mitigates stress when used aromatically as a massage oil. And orange blossom essential oil indicated for mental relaxation and relief for anxiety and nervousness. I guess I did pick the right oil without even knowing this was its purpose. Ercie then proceeded to put this oil on the burner to create a whole ambience dedicated to this uplifting mission.

This is a full-body massage, so get ready for 90 minutes of an actual state of relaxation. Ercie has a calming nature; while she talks, you already feel that you should tune-up to this kind of vibe. The soft music and Ercie’s touch put me in contact with my own being. She moved as if she was dancing in a series of motions that made me wonder how many hands she acquires during this process. Everything is well-choreographed, and you feel involved in this parallel world where you are the only one that matters at that moment.

The only problem that I see in this journey is that it ends. Yes, to my sadness Ercie has other things to do, and I have to go back to phone, emails and never-ending mummy calls. However, I go back to my reality (I have to say that you need some time to re-adapt to the fast-paced lifestyle), feeling at my best! Re-energised and ready to face my everyday life with relaxed muscles and mind.

Dessange Spa
Do you also want to enjoy the best that Dessange has to offer?
We highlight some of their unique treatments for you to try:

Organic Olfactory Massage
This massage also improves blood circulation, offers pain relief, boosts the relaxation of tired and stressed muscles, controls stress and anxiety, combats negative feelings and promotes general physical and mental revitalisation.

Organic Awakening Facial
Nature gave you great skin, and Nature can help you keep it. This sensory awakening facial incorporates some potent native ingredients using precious jujube, mulberry fruit, fig, pearls and myrrh into herbal infusions, elixirs and plant waters to nourish your complexion and leave you looking and feeling rested.

Dessange Dess Lift 3D Facial
This treatment helps to wake up your complexion to obtain an incredible face-lifting effect. Dess Lift is an energy-based treatment using natural ingredients, which are conducted into the deeper layers of the skin for an immediate glow and visible lifting effect.

Endermologie Body Lipomassage
This is a 100-per-cent non-invasive mechanical massage that stimulates fats’ natural break down to reduce cellulite, promoting slimming, draining, and firming.
(The spa services will resume on June 11, subject to Government approval).

For more information or to book an appointment,
please call 1771 3999.

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