The Perfect Ratio

The quintessential watch, Happy Sport by Chopard is a daring and free-spirited creation that has been re-invented in an ideal size.

A new desirable watch from Chopard is shining its light in the luxury watch market. The brand’s iconic Happy Sport is being introduced in an optimally comfortable 33mm-diameter case inspired by the ‘golden ratio’ principles of aesthetic harmony. And the star of its campaign is another icon, Julia Roberts. The Hollywood actress is associated with her unforgettable smile, which seems to make everything possible, transmitting pure joy.

For Caroline Scheufele, the creator of the Happy Sport in 1993 and Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director, Julia Roberts is the ultimate Happy Sport woman, embodying the maison’s innate Joie de Vivre. Chopard and Julia Roberts were destined to cross paths. They both have a striking magnetism, express freedom and exude inextinguishable happiness.

Happy Sport – 33mm

Feminine and playful, technical and precious, timeless and modern: through the diversity of its qualities, the icon of the Maison Chopard is a quintessential watchmaking success story. Pursuing its commitment to a constant quest for harmony, Chopard endows its successful creation with unique stature through a daintier size.

Designed to be worn by women in all their day-to-day activities, the Happy Sport is a watch that must, above all, feel as pleasant to wear as a second skin, in every situation.

By using the golden ratio, directly related to the diameter of the Chopard 09.01-C movement with automatic winding powering its ladies’ watch collections, the case of the Happy Sport has been redesigned with a 33mm diameter that is particularly well suited to the female wrist. Since antiquity, this mathematical balance has been found in science, art and architecture, reproducing the harmony prevalent in nature.

Seven new references join the collection in a wide variety of models: four two-tone options featuring a Lucent Steel A223 case embellished with ethical 18-carat rose gold; and three entirely crafted from ethical 18-carat rose gold, available on a leather strap or metal bracelet. The eighth version in ethical 18-carat white gold is entirely set with diamonds. All of them beat to the Chopard Manufacture 09.01-C movement rhythm with automatic winding, and each dial is graced with the legendary dancing diamonds. A jewellery version is also available in ethical 18-carat white gold, entirely set with diamonds and featuring a mother-of-pearl dial to round out the collection. The Lucent Steel A223 is an anti-allergenic alloy that is brighter and sturdier than ordinary steel. Finally, it testifies to Chopard’s commitment to sustainable luxury: Lucent Steel A223 is 70 per cent made from recycled materials in a state-of-the-art workshop located in Austria, thereby limiting the carbon footprint relating to shipping materials to Chopard’s Swiss workshops.

Julia Roberts and Chopard

The actress stars the campaign and a short film created by a team of talented contemporary artists to showcase Caroline Scheufele’s visions. Here’s what Julia Roberts has to say about this partnership:

How does your Happy Sport watch make you feel?

There is something about having a watch and, every time you look at it, seeing all these sparkling diamonds whirling around, it’s pretty awesome and truly good stuff.

How important to you is responsible luxury?

I would say that the idea of responsible luxury is something that not enough brands pay attention to. The thing with a maison like Chopard is that it has really pioneered the concept of having a conscience, leading the charge and setting an example for other brands to follow.

What is so special about Chopard?

Chopard just represents this timeless idea of elegance and sparkle and being ladylike. You kind of think: “When I grow up, I want to be having a great time and wearing watches and earrings by Chopard…” and now look at me, I’m all grown up!

Chopard collections are available at Chopard Boutique, Moda Mall. For more information, please call 1752 0088.

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