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Why are Mercedes-Benz so popular? Critics and car enthusiasts from around the globe are constantly singing this prestigious brand’s praises and their consistent sales figures speak for themselves. Is it their high-quality construction, the fact that they are relentless innovators, their fantastic range of vehicles, their endless amounts of features and options, their safety record or their rich history?

The truth is, it is all of the above and so much more. We at OHLALA have always been huge fans of the brand and this month, thanks to the friendly and professional team at Al-Haddad Motors, we were given the opportunity to experience the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class and, yet again, we were more than impressed.

As soon as Mercedes-Benz’s new flagship vehicle came into view, we could see that the exterior design of the new S-Class is that of a classic sedan, one that boasts perfect proportions. At the front end, a bigger-than-ever, high-status radiator grille draws the eye, complemented by front headlights that house a unique LED signature. With a short overhang, long wheelbase and a balanced rear overhang, the new S-Class looks as powerful as it does graceful. With 20-inch AMG multi-spoke alloy wheels and optional flush fitted doorhandles that pop out as you approach the car, the flanks are no less than stunning with a single crease running across the length of an otherwise smooth surface. The rear lights have intricate LED detailing with chrome accents, whilst real exhaust pipes are present in the dual exhaust setup.

As we entered the vehicle we felt as if we were slipping into a first-class lounge. Firstly, the soft seats are extremely comfortable, supportive and situated higher than we expected, giving us a commanding view of the roads. The cabin seats can be adjusted in a multitude of ways, all via sensitive capacitors on the door.

With no less than 19 individual motors used to adjust your seat, no matter your size or shape, you are sure to have one comfy ride. Four of these motors are dedicated to providing a range of massages, accessible through the Comfort Menu on the infotainment system. These include massage options such as Hot Relaxing Back, Hot Relaxing Shoulders, Mobilising Massage, Activated Massage, Classic Massage and many more.

The steering wheel is beautifully designed, feels great in hand and is full of capacitor buttons, allowing the driver to have complete control over the functions and systems of the vehicle without taking their hands off the wheel. In the rear, the almost hidden controls on the doors operate the side and rear windows.

The seats are multi-adjustable and very comfortable with massage functionality and microfibre headrests. As in the front, ambient lighting features on the doors glow red or blue depending on weather you are turning the temperature up or down.

An Android tablet fitted in the central console can be removed and used to surf the internet or watch movies. Built-in rear seat entertainment is present on both sides, as well as an optional fridge behind the centre consol.

There are plenty of USB ports and cup holders throughout the car, as well as wireless charging options and even a set of wireless, noise cancelling headphones. Once out on the road, we got to play with the second generation MBUX learn-capable system. This system is more digital and intelligent than its predecessor, with brilliant displays on up to five large screens, in part with OLED technology.

The 3D driver display allows for spatial view at the touch of a button for the very first time and a real three-dimensional effect is achieved without the need for 3D glasses. The head up display shows details such as current speed, the speed limit, road markings and more.

It warns you when you are straying out of your lane and, when you select augmented reality, actual arrows appear on the road in front of you, directing you where to turn.

We have never experienced technology like this in any car we have test driven before. Performance wise, our model S-Class boasts an S 500 4Matic petrol engine that produces 2999cc with 320kW of power.

It can surge from zero to 100km/h in just 4.9 seconds and has a regulated top speed of 250km/h. It’s brilliant suspension system alone is enough to earn this car awards and combined with a fantastic braking system, responsive handling and technological assistance second to none, this is one classy and capable vehicle to drive.

In truth an entire article could easily be written on each and every feature of this vehicle and you would still have to experience it for yourself to truly understand what this magical creation is capable of.

For more information and to book a test drive of your very own, please call Al-Haddad Motors at 1778 5454.

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