The Most Wonderful Time

December is a month full of celebrations, but Christmas is by far the most anticipated one – there are gifts involved. To help you sort your Christmas shopping expedition, we at OHLALA put together some ideas, according to preferences and style. Happy present hunting season!

Boss Lady

Women in the corporate world embrace a classic yet stylish look. A new suit jacket, high-heeled loafers or even a structured white handbag might do the trick and bring a smile to her face. These are practical and useful gifts that she can easily incorporate into her busy, business-driven daily life. However, if you want to pick something casual, a sweater with golden sequin details can be worn in the relaxed moments of her life.


Beauty Queen

Is the lady in your life a beauty fan? She might be a teenager entering the adult world and starting her beauty collection or an expert on the subject and avid consumer of all the new tools in the market. No matter who she is, if make-up is her thing, we’ve selected the season’s musthave items to create the most jaw-dropping looks. From powders to lipstick, we’ve got you covered!


Artistic Fashionista

She is different and sometimes a bit over the top, but this woman has an eye for unique fashion pieces. Your mission here is to find something with striking details or a very particular, maybe eccentric clothing item, from funky shoes and their one-of-a-kind heels to painted kimonos and blouses. She knows how to mix and match everything in her wardrobe, and each time she steps out of the house, her looks match her creative personality


On The Move

The pandemic transformed many ladies into fitness enthusiasts. Working out at home became a practical way to keep fit and use the free time to acquire a healthier routine. Following instructors on YouTube or downloading fitness apps became a thing. For them, trainers, leggings, tops and the latest sports watches are a way of showing your support for their lifestyle. These are also good picks for those that wear workout clothes because they are comfortable and look good.


The Minimalist

Someone that embraces this style likes simple pieces with a contemporary twist. Geometrical forms and different structures are a plus, and that’s exactly how this woman makes her looks interesting and swanky. She is not a big fan of bold prints and colours. However, if she chooses an intense hue, it will be painting one piece or one accessory. She follows the ‘less is more’ concept every time she chooses her outfits



Bling it On!

She is glamourous and likes everything that sparkles. It could be a piece of jewellery, an eye-catching top or a pair of shoes. She loves to shine and all the attention that she gets. This season she will seek a selection of shimmering dresses as they are a trendy pick – many brands chose to add this glittering element to their collections. No matter if you are not this kind of girl, gift yourself and add a bit of glitz to your end-of-year celebrations to make the festive season extra special.


About Home

The trend of changing your home décor according to the seasons of the year or specific festivities is a real one. Some ladies prefer to embellish their homes more than themselves, and new decorative pieces are always welcome. A sculptured candle holder, ethnic vase or ambience scent will help interior design lovers (with enough storage space) embrace their passion. Get to know her taste and take on the quest of finding that rare object that she will cherish.


Tech Girl

Technology is part of our lives more than ever. Companies are aware of our savviness for practical and sometimes just cool items, and many new products are hitting the market to make our lives easier or more interesting. From useful beautifying tools to curious clocks, we want it all. Who doesn’t like an exciting new ‘toy’?


Twinkle Trinkets

Little treats and funky gifts are versatile options to add to your shopping list. They serve as an excellent present for anyone, no matter their style. From books to coffee table games, they are an easy to please choice. They are also good to have under the Christmas tree for that lastminute person you forgot to add to your list or a friend or family member that decides to visit unexpectedly around this time of the year.

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