We explored a world of wholesome, satisfying breakfast foods at INDIGO RESTAURANT AND BAR, eloquently positioned at the rooftop of THE MERCHANT HOUSE.

Indigo Restaurant and Bar at The Merchant House is a fabulous spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a beautiful garden terrace that one cannot help but adore. Executive Chef Rob Shipman is a renowned artisan in the kitchen which allows every visit here to be one where you’re left wholeheartedly satisfied. I’d never had the privilege of indulging in breakfast there, so, I took this as the perfect opportunity to rabble my girlfriends together and head towards The Merchant House. An added bonus of visiting here is that you can use their handy valet service, so you aren’t wasting time looking for a parking spot. Girls just want to have fun (and food) after all.

Chef Rob spent months developing this menu of over twenty dishes, and it’s every bit the decadent and rich items that you’d come to expect of him. This is a restaurant that continues to push the envelope in Bahrain, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying one of their dinners, you’d know what I mean. There are items on this menu that don’t exist elsewhere in town. So if you’re looking for a “treat yourself ” breakfast or a nice place to take your significant-other to start your weekend, I would recommend this. There are the familiar items you’d expect for breakfast, albeit executed very well with premium ingredients. Smoked Salmon with crushed avocado on sourdough bread had us all Instagram Ready as it was presented beautifully on a slate slab, but, it wasn’t long before we were making the most out of the sharing concept that’s welcomed here at Indigo. Just as well really, as the French Toast served with mixed berries and vanilla cream made its way to our table I thought there was going to be a fight as to who would have the first bite. I volunteered myself (as I’m kind like that), and it was masterful in every sense of the word. This brioche bread soaked in egg, vanilla and cinnamon had my tastebuds dancing for joy. The festivities continued as I indulged in the syrup that had been infused with coffee syrup, ground from the beans themselves in a pestle and mortar. Now, here’s a little nugget of knowledge for you… French Toast is translated into ‘Pain Perdu’ which means ‘lost bread’, and it’s rather ironic that after trying this that you’d find yourself certainly lost without this beauty besieging your options for breakfast on a morning in Bahrain.

The Eggs and Avocado dish served with salsa verde aligns beautifully with the Mediterranean flair of Indigo. It’s serious business. Of course, you also have classic Benedict’s and omelettes to business. Of course, you also have classic Benedict’s and omelettes to appease your morning hunger pangs as well. The richness of hollandaise, and the creaminess of the egg just makes me very very happy when it comes to their Eggs Royale. Now, I can’t mention happiness without spotlighting The Blueberry Pancakes which are the lightest, tastiest ones I’ve ever had and are served with a decadent drizzle of blueberry syrup for extra bonus points. It’s some seriously intense stuff that is every bit as delicious as it is heart-stopping. Me? I love it. This must be what dreams are actually made of.

As you scroll down the menu items get a little bit more intense – in a good way, of course. How about the Pytti Panna? It’s a dish consisting of sautéed sausages, bacon, potatoes and vegetables topped with sunny side up eggs… which if you’re unfamiliar, is pretty much the best melt-in-your-mouth dish you can put in your mouth. Trust me, I am a carnivorous enthusiast. Not enough food? How about the grilled Halloumi with smoked chipotle chilli jam, cherry tomatoes and date syrup?

It’s a worthwhile visit when you want to have a nice start to your day or indeed to take someone out. I would recommend ordering three or four of the dishes and sharing them with your dining companion(s).

 “This is a restaurant that continues to push the envelope in Bahrain, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying one of their dinners, you’d know what I mean.”

Now, don’t be surprised to see me hanging out there crying tears of joy into my coffee (served with delicious homemade biscotti) at every exquisite dish that is served. Trust me, it is THAT amazing. Served from 06:30 to 10:30am and 11am on weekends makes sure that you have the perfect excuse not to stay at home. What’s better than breakfast in bed? Breakfast at Indigo at The Merchant House.

For reservations, or for more information please call 166 71 000 @indigo.manama / @themerchanthousebahrain

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