Ready to awaken the senses and de-stress the mind and body? We certainly were as we opted to indulge at HEAVENLY SPA BY WESTIN.

Situated snuggly upstairs from the hustle and bustle of City Centre Bahrain, Heavenly Spa by Westin offers a diverse treatment menu to cater for all of your relaxation needs, which we were in desperate need of. Upon arrival at the spa, we were immediately impressed by the design of the building. This coupled with the kind, welcoming staff made us sure that we had picked the right place to unwind as Newlyweds. After a quick yet comprehensive consultation, our masseuse advised us to opt for ‘The Lavender Desert Dream’, one of four bespoke treatments allowing you to unwind and relax; Facial, Turkish Bath, Massage and Body Scrub. We both decided on the ‘Butterfly Effect’ massage for an hours treatment using lavender calming oil. This treatment is particularly popular to promote general wellbeing, which is exactly what we were after.

My husband was shown to the male changing rooms and assigned a locker to store his valuables as I mirrored the same level of care in the female changing area. After being given time to change into a fluffy robe and ‘take off the day’ my masseuse kindly asked if I would like to to experience the complimentary facilities such as their jacuzzi, steam room and sauna as this would help to relax me before my treatment. Not one to ignore such a proposal, I jumped at the chance and spent 20 minutes lazing around. This was the perfect recipe to help me unwind before the 60 minute massage that awaited me.

My masseuse collected me from the jacuzzi and I was escorted to the serene couple’s treatment room via the tranquil relaxation zone and hallway. Upon entering, I couldn’t help but smile at there pretty setup before me. Heavenly Spa treatment rooms are truly something of beguiling magic as they cannot help but make you feel instantly relaxed. My husband was already laying down ready to start the massage. We were asked if we wanted to have music playing in the room or silence, a lovely touch to help tailor to the client’s needs. With gentle melodies in the air, my therapist proceeded to bathe my feet with a hot towel. I was so relaxed at this point that I was nervous about falling asleep as my therapist started to conduct the treatment. Thankfully I didn’t and I was able to experience a truly amazing experience.

The massage itself combined Eastern and Western techniques to stimulate circulation and deeply relax muscles. Every minute was done to perfection, focusing on my targeted areas with medium pressure that allowed my knots to surrender. There was a series of strokes and feathering to invigorate and energise my body as the perfectly designed movements aided for a truly luxurious massage. As the treatment drew to a close, ending with a mini head massage, there was a sense of realism that swept over me that I’d be forced to delve back into reality. However hard it was to leave the room upon completion, the senses were uplifted from start-to-finish that it was as if time stood still as every inch of my body was treated to the focus that it truly deserved.

I was guided to the relaxation area in somewhat of a blissful haze where you are met by soothing sounds and muted lighting. Ergonomically designed loungers which hug the contours of the body and abundant supplies of detox water are available throughout your visit in the relaxation area, but, I was secretly delighted when I was served hot ginger tea with homemade biscuits – yum! It’s always hard to go back to the real world after a total de-stress. Is it possible that we can just stay here forever please?

For further information please call 17171122. @westinbahrain

“Heavenly Spa treatment rooms are truly something of beguiling magic as they cannot help but make you feel instantly relaxed.”


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