The enchanting interior of The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay pulled us into an oasis of serenity as we experienced Anne Sémonin’s Precious Pearl Ultra Lift Facial for the ultimate glow-up.

After a hectic week I thought I’d treat myself to a few hours of rest, relaxation and pampering, and where better to save me from my incredulous week than at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay. From the minute you walk through the door you are greeted by warm, friendly staff and an ambience of serenity and peace enthralls you. For me, this is the perfect combination allowing me to immediately feel at home, and thus let myself unwind, which is ordinarily no easy feat.

After changing into my swimming costume I was enrobed in a luxurious white gown and I deposited my belongings in an electronic locker, allowing my feet to snuggle into the cloud-like slippers.

The Spa’s vast array of facilities, treatment rooms, saunas, pools and salt room ensured that my soul was well sustained throughout my visit. My journey started in their salt room and trust me, this is not just a trending spa fad as the benefits of salt therapy are wide-ranging. Salt levels affect our cell activity, energy and blood sugar levels. The calming and detoxifying effects can support the immune, nervous and lymphatic systems. I unwound here for 10 minutes before jumping into their steam room and then finally their whirlpool. This pool has a range of pulsating hydrotherapy jets to stimulate your circulation and blood flow, but, more importantly it elevates your relaxed state to additional heights. I’d highly recommend that you arrive early to your appointment to enjoy these facilities prior to your treatment as it really makes for the ultimate experience.

As I showered I couldn’t help but acknowledge that each element is so thoughtfully organised and designed to make guests feel cherished. Lounge areas are also tailored to the individual needs of each client. You have the option of a variety of lounge areas in which to unwind prior to your treatment or to enjoy the afterglow, whether that be basking in the lounge illuminated by bright sunshine or the peaceful sanctuary of a more dimly lit relaxation area.

At this point you could have knocked me over with a feather as I felt that I was personifying the very meaning of ‘zen’, but the surprises kept on coming! After this initial insight into the spa and its repertoire, nothing could have calmed me for the next wave of relaxation. I was further welcomed and escorted off to one of their treatment rooms that was beautifully prepared and ready for my arrival by their senior therapist Olga. Now, this lady is incredible, as is the treatment. After our consultation, we delved into more delectable enjoyment as my Anne Sémonin’s Precious Pearl Ultra Lift facial commenced.

This particular facial is revered for its anti-ageing, regenerating and radiance enhancing properties to benefit even the dullest of skin. Here I was treated to an entire array of natural, beautifully scented products from the Anne Sémonin range. Starting with a Botanical Milk facial cleanse, the laminaria seaweed and hazelnut oil allowed for any impurities to be removed easily. Next up, was the Botanical Toner with deionised water and witch hazel concentrate that gently toned, soothed and rebalanced my temperamental skin. Now, this next stage of the process is truly impressive as they combine three different peels into one powerful mask; chemical, mechanical and biological elements from fruit acids, marine extracts and enzymes for that refined yet glowing complexion. The good times didn’t stop there as my skin drank in their Firming Intensive Complex Essential Oils that is enriched with a concoction of some of the most powerful essential oils to leave your skin feeling refreshed, firmer and fully moisturised. This part was beautifully hedonistic to the senses. Olga ensured that every stroke and product used was to optimise and complement my specific skin type, including a series of comprehensive lifting and drainage massage techniques to uplift my tired complexion. The accompanying shoulder and decolletage massage ensured that any tension that had been built-up over the working week was deliciously unravelled over the course of the next hour and a half. This ultimate wrinkle-fighting spa facial treatment restores the skin’s lack of firmness and tone leaving your skin and face contours in top condition. I honestly felt like I could cut someone with my chiseled cheekbones post-treatment!

The Super Active Serum is a natural resin or myrrh that plumps wrinkles and fine lines, whereas the marine spring water further firms and hydrates that will have you looking like a teenager again. Living in Bahrain we all know the heritage of pearls and its presence in historical trading, but not everyone knows the beauty properties that they also encompass. Scientific studies show pure cultured pearls produce pearl powder that is rich in amino acids and contains a combination of aragonite (form of calcium carbonate) and a protein called conchiolin that stimulates the skin functions to increase its elasticity and radiance. This and the use of acacia gum that derives from the sap of arabic native trees within this Firm and Lift Peel-off Mask allows for additional strong lifting and firming actions. Precious Pearl Ice Cubes made with hyaluronic acid, alpine edelweiss flower extract and pearl extract will have you looking as radiant as a bride with its cooling anti-inflammatory properties monopolising on the benefits of cryotherapy. This infusion further enhances the efficiency of the ingredients to promote firmness and vitality. The final stages of the facial included removing, or should I say peeling the mask off, was the application of their Youth Radiance Elixir with its double benefits of high and low molecular weight to allow for a long term plumping anti-wrinkle effect and immediate results. Their Super Active Contour Serum and Super Active Cream were then applied as to allow an additional infusion of collagen and anti-ageing properties, a must for all us women who want to keep those fine lines and wrinkles at bay. The generous application of said products ensured that I was suitably moisturised and hydrated throughout the day.

With soft supple hands that just melted into my skin my therapist had clearly been well-trained, knowing exactly how much pressure to apply on different parts of my face to stimulate collagen and give me that coveted youthful glow. I was sinking into a semi-conscious state and feeling wonderfully pampered. The sensitivity in my neck, and the large knots in my shoulders were now reduced greatly and I’d felt very different to the woman who walked through The Spa doors only a couple of hours ago!

“This ultimate wrinkle-fighting spa facial treatment restores the skin’s lack of firmness and tone leaving your skin and face contours in top condition.”

This really was such a great way to spend my afternoon and something I most definitely need to schedule into my calendar more often.The wonderful state of peace and calm that I felt is something I’d like to keep with me throughout my day. I suppose I’ll just have to return on a regular basis to help me maintain not only beautiful, well-cared for skin but also to bring my body back to a balanced, glowing state – and you should too!

For reservations or more information please call 1711 5045 @fsbahrain

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