“Volvo have included just about every safety feature known to humankind in the 2021 XC60, ensuring that you and your loved ones travel in one of the safest cars ever designed.”

Volvo has created a prestigious reputation for itself, earned through the continuous delivery of well-designed motor vehicles. These creations have been fully equipped with almost unrivalled safety features and have always offered good value for money. The Swedish-based manufacturer entered into the SUV market over a decade ago and they have been regarded as top competitors in the mid-sized premium SUV segment ever since. We at OHLALA have had the privilege of test-driving various Volvo models over the years and, thanks to the fantastic team at Motor City, this month we got to experience the new 2021 Volvo XC60 T8.

The exterior of the 2021 XC60 is reminiscent of previous models showcasing the timeless elegance of the design. The overall appearance is very stylish and the subtle lines of the vehicle flow effortlessly from bonnet to boot. At the front end, the handsome, chrome accented grille is complemented by the LED Thor Headlights, whilst a brushed stainless steel skid plate adds to the car’s robust look. At the sides, a stylish running board enhances the SUV’s powerful appearance, a well-integrated standing board assists with the entering and exiting of the vehicle and the optional 22-inch, 5-double spoke, matte black, diamond cut alloy wheels hint at its performance capabilities. The visual appeal of the back end is greatly enhanced by the brushed stainless steel skid plate and rear bumper, complete with fully integrated double tailpipes.

Upon entering the SUV, we were greeted by fine Nappa leather front seating, that was both supportive and comfortable. The seats are multiadjustable and offer a commanding view of the road. The minimalistic sense of style is a great example of Scandinavian design with everything well positioned and beautifully crafted. The material finishes add a classy touch whilst the little details, such as the tiny Swedish flag integrated into the dashboard, show the love and attention put into the construction of the interior. We found the standard touchscreen very easy to navigate and were generally pleased with the overall design of the infotainment system. Moving into the back, the rear seating offers plenty of space for three adults, with loads of head and leg room for all onboard. The boot has a capacity of 468 litres, an area significantly increased with the rear seats folded down.

Performance-wise, the 2021 XC60 T8 is a Recharge Plug-in Hybrid that houses both a 2-litre turbocharged, supercharged engine as well as an 87ps electric motor. These engines combined offer 407ps and believe us when we tell you that this 4×4 can move! Accompanying all of this power is surprisingly agile handling for a vehicle of this size, excellent suspension and a more than capable braking system. With five different drive modes to choose from, including Pure Mode, Hybrid, Individual, Power and OffRoad, this car is ready to take on any and all conditions. We can honestly say that this Volvo was exceptional fun to drive and we always felt in complete control.

When putting the car in Pure Mode, power is supplied by the electric motor from the 11.6kWh lithium-ion battery, allowing for short journeys up to around 50 kilometres to be fuel-free affairs. To charge the battery, you merely need to insert the standard cable into the socket located on the front wing of the exterior, however, purchasing a type-two cable will reduce full charging time to just three hours. It is possible to charge the electric engine whilst on the move by forcing energy into the battery, but this does place extra strain on the petrol engine leading to higher fuel consumption. A surprising element of the electric experience was just how quiet the XC60 is in this mode. Once we turned on the engine, we had to turn it off and on again, just to make sure that it was actually running. Safety-wise, Volvo have included just about every safety feature known to humankind in the 2021 XC60, ensuring that you and your loved ones travel in one of the safest cars ever designed.

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