The Fashion Impact

A reflection on the mantra: ‘new season, new wardrobe’.

Change is part of human nature – and it always finds a way to enter our lives. Maybe your friend group is not the same; maybe your neighbours moved out, and undoubtedly, even if you fight it off, your hair will eventually go grey.

The same thing happens with your personal style; it is not static. It changes. You don’t have to like the same clothes you did a few years ago or even from the previous season. Clothes and accessories are important elements in our everyday lives. They allow us to explore different versions of ourselves while also inspiring and giving confidence.

A problem with purchasing new clothes on a regular basis is how, in the long run, this habit will affect the environment. There are ways to embrace a fashion experience more consciously:

  • Rely on styling. Look at your clothes and try to make different combinations to exhaust their potential. Mix and match them as much as possible. Go back to our fashion pages and try to apply our tips to your wardrobe and create different looks.
  • Purchase items from brands that have an eco-friendly approach. Labels that work with natural materials and invest in sustainable alternatives.
  • Donate the clothes that you don’t wear anymore but which are still in good condition. And if they aren’t, contact specific recycling places that will give the right destination for this kind of trash.


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