Achieve a flawless complexion with CHANEL’s WATERFRESH COMPLEXION TOUCH and WATER-FRESH TINT – the new additions to the LES BEIGES line.

The CHANEL LES BEIGES make-up line recalls Mademoiselle Chanel’s free spirit, revealing a radiant complexion, pure and simple. LES BEIGES has redefined the texture of face make-up and how it is applied. In 2019, a water-based formula containing micro-droplet pigments was developed, the WATER-FRESH TINT. The innovative foundation has micro-droplets that melt on contact with skin, evening out the complexion with a sheer finish. This microfluidic technology has opened up a host of possibilities for cosmetics; it has led to an entirely new generation of products featuring lightweight formulas freed of all non-essential ingredients.

To complement the cutting-edge foundation, CHANEL created two new products with unique application techniques: WATERFRESH COMPLEXION TOUCH, a multi-use concealer that delivers natural-looking results, and WATER-FRESH BLUSH, for rosy cheeks.


This product doubles as a concealer for targeted correction and as a foundation to be used over the entire face. The result is a luminous complexion with a bare-skin effect. It improves the look of skin thanks to a high concentration of pigment. The WATER-FRESH COMPLEXION TOUCH formula is enriched with hydrating and protective active ingredients that are naturally derived and ultralightweight micro-droplets. It has antioxidant and anti-pollution properties to enhance the skin and protect it while diminishing the appearance of imperfections without compromising on comfort. To melt the micro-droplets and release their pigment, blend the formula on the back of the hand for several seconds before applying.


The micro-droplet pigments in this lightweight gel blush blend seamlessly with the skin for a delicately rosy glow. The new blush by CHANEL adds subtle colour to the cheeks without drying out the skin. Its water-based texture delivers a radiant effect. The WATERFRESH BLUSH is enriched with tamarind seed extract, a naturally derived active ingredient that helps regulate the skin’s moisture. You can apply it with either your fingers or a brush.


The three products work well together. First, the WATER-FRESH TINT creates a skin-tone-evening veil for a radiant, refreshed appearance. Next, the WATER-FRESH COMPLEXION TOUCH provides additional coverage, creating a flawless complexion without weighing down the skin. For the final touch, the WATER-FRESH BLUSH gives cheeks a rosy flush for a healthy glow.

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