The cARTel comes to Abu Dhabi

This autumn, Abu Dhabi welcomes one of Dubai’s most prominent, alternative shopping destinations to the capital. The cARTel, known for its avant-garde pieces, is popping up in TRYANO at Yas Mall from 15 October until 19 November…

Founded in 2012, the concept store is a refreshing addition to a fashion market where luxury labels are ubiquitous.

 “The market has been consumed by things that do not necessarily reflect what luxury truly means,” says May Barber, Founder and Managing Director of The cARTel.

Breaking away from cookie cutter styles, The cARTel offers a creative take on luxury fashion. The concept store focuses on craftsmanship, quality and pieces that are more than just another part of your wardrobe — they are wearable art’. To accomplish this, The cARTel curates pieces from over 60 emerging designers hailing from all corners of the globe.


 “The designers, this army of The cARTel if you like, this international army — they inspire us,” May explains.

The company’s commitment to sourcing and supporting budding talent is more than a motto, it’s a philosophy that is passionately embraced by the team.

Barber points to the Lamat handbag she is wearing for the evening, “I still remember the first time I met this cool Serbian couple doing everything by hand in Serbia. Now they are showing in Paris and doing exclusive collections…there are lots of stories there, lots of narratives offered by The cARTel designers and that is the beauty about it.”

This commitment to supporting emerging talent is echoed by TRYANO, a store that is a unique concept in itself and home grown here in the UAE. The similar backgrounds and objectives of the two stores make for an exceptionally natural collaboration.

“When the opportunity to work with somebody like The cARTel, whose DNA is very similar to ours, came about, it really was a very easy conversation,” said Katie O’Reilly, Head of Marketing for TRYANO.

The pop-up, which is on display on the ground floor of TRYANO, features a range of accessories from Lamat, Gabriella Ingram, Building Block, Pangolin, Idonthaveasister, Sylvio Giardina, Nicopanda, Spektre and even The cARTel, known for its iconic Cage Bag. In addition to its variety of accessories, the pop-up also brings Ready-to-Wear pieces to TRYANO for a limited time and features designers such as Wanda Nylon, Nicopanda, Chalayan, MM6 Maison Margiela and By Amal Al Raisi.

Whether you are looking for a unique outfit addition or a full wardrobe refresh, The cARTel pop-up at TRYANO is ready help you revamp your style.

Allison Everett

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