The 2021 McLaren GT

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This month, the team at OHLALA was afforded the privilege of test driving the latest McLaren GT, compliments of the outstanding team at Kanoo Motors. Despite having put some of the most prestigious sports car brands through their paces over the years, this was the first time we were fortunate enough to get behind the wheel of a McLaren. Having read and heard so many positive reviews about all the previous models, we had huge expectations for their new GT, expectations that were soon exceeded.

As soon as the McLaren GT came into view, we were taken with its elegant yet powerful presence. Constructed predominantly from aluminium, this model boasts a bespoke MonoCell II-T body structure which includes a carbon fibre rear upper structure that contributes to the vehicle’s superlight design. In fact, the new GT is more than 130kg lighter than its nearest core competitor and hundreds of kilogrammes lighter than some other cars in the segment.

At the fabulous front end, the signature ‘hammerhead line’ runs horizontally across the nose, emphasising the sleek, jewel-like LED headlights. The front splitter reflects this refined line and serves to generate peak aerodynamic pressure at its centre-point, ensuring optimal airflow over the bonnet’s crisp contours. Despite being a supercar, this model has an underbody clearance of 110mm, ensuring it is capable of dealing with all urban situations. Sporting extra-long front and rear overhangs, the GT’s body measures 4.7 metres in length, with long, graceful lines flowing from bonnet to boot. Seven-spoke cast alloy wheels complete the vehicle’s sturdy stance, whilst gloss black roof, side sills, cantrails and rear bumper, along with the satin black exterior upper window all add touches of class to an already impressive design. At the backend, muscular rear fenders, an integrated fixed rear wing, a large diffuser and prominent exhaust tailpipes, ensure this car looks phenomenal from every angle.

The supportive seats of the cabin have been optimised for long-distance comfort, with perfect padding as well as superior back and neck support. Once inside, we were surprised by the amount of space on offer within the vehicle. Despite the Grand Touring nature of this McLaren, the car has clearly been designed for comfort on long journeys, gifting the owner with the very best of both worlds. The stunning interior layout has been constructed from the very finest of materials, with every last design detail having been treated as a priority. Hidden-until-lit ambient lighting brings a soothing feel to the environment and compliments the Carbon Black Nappa leather seats. The instrument panel has been beautifully positioned with every control, button and switch being perfectly placed for easy access.

“As soon as the McLaren GT came into view, we were taken with its elegant yet powerful presence.”

The new GT houses the most sophisticated infotainment system available to date from the marque. The McLaren Infotainment System II is amongst the fastest operating in any vehicle thanks to its 10-core processor. The seven-inch touchscreen’s tailor-made display has been inspired by the control systems of luxury private jets and offers crisp and clear graphics second to none. The 12.3-inch TFT screen is positioned directly in front of the driver, providing essential vehicle information at a glance. All-in-all we found the system to be very efficient, informative and user-friendly, helping us to always feel fully in charge of the vehicle.

Another feature we feel must be mentioned is the surprising amount of storage space in this new GT. A 420-litre luggage area below the tailgate is large enough to accommodate shopping, a travel bag or even a full set of golf clubs. This area, combined with a further 150-litres of storage space at the front, ensures this McLaren can accommodate up to 570 litres, making this model very practical for everyday use.

As we started up the new 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged McLaren M840TE V8 engine, we knew we were in for a treat. The seven-speed SSG transmission enables seamless acceleration and, along with the launch control feature of the new GT, allows this beast of a machine to surge from 0-100km/h in a mere 3.2 seconds and from 0-200km/h in just 9.0 seconds. Flaunting a top speed of 325km/h, there are few other sports cars that could challenge this raw power. As we made our way along the roads, we marvelled not only at the superior traction control, suspension configuration, braking ability and overall handling of the vehicle, but at the beautiful sound of the engine as it instantly responded to our every command. Additionally, the inclusion of a wide range of Driver Assistance Technologies as well as safety and security features, ensures you will be well looked after wherever you decide to roam.

The new McLaren GT is amongst the very best vehicles we have ever had the privilege of experiencing and we strongly recommend that anyone looking for a beautifully designed, technologically superior, performance-orientated yet practical vehicle should contact Kanoo Motors.

For more information and to book a luxury test drive of your very own, please call Kanoo Motors on 8000 7878.

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