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Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa shelters an Edenesque getaway with the one and only Thalassa Sea & Spa in the entire Middle East that covers 2,000 square meters of the resort. The rejuvenating spa is the first and only spa to offer “Thalassotherapy” a treatment that uses salt water to further relax and detoxify your body and has healthy benefits. Designed to ensure privacy and tranquility it almost feels as an escape from reality while allowing your body and mind to connect in perfect harmony.

The complex is separated into 14 different rooms, 6 of which are used for dry treatments such as massages where 8 rooms are used for the Thalassotherapy and other water dependent treatments. Each room is infused with an aroma that further highlights the natural element of blending seawater hydrotherapy, massages, and wellness programs. In addition, it boasts a cutting edge seawater hydrotherapy pool, a freshwater pool, saunas, steam rooms, hairdresser for men and beauty salon for women, as well as a recreation and yoga studio. With a permanent focus on purity, the sea-water used in the Thalassa Sea & Spa is sourced from the deep waters of the open sea, filtered, and then heated to 33°C. This promotes the relaxation of muscles, stimulates the blood-flow, and helps the absorption of active ingredients. This method of deriving seawater to create an idyllic feeling has made Thalassa Sea & Spa the forerunner of Thalassotherapy in France, and now in the Middle East at Sofitel Bahrain.

With its own brand of world-class cosmetics, such as Anne Semonin, you are in for an immersive experience in an elegant, and cosy atmosphere, an area dedicated to beauty and wellbeing. “Because each skin is unique”, every Anne Semonin programme is customised and starts with a personal interview and a diagnosis of your skin. Your beauty therapist will create your own “beauty prescription”, depending on the needs of your skin at that time, and your lifestyle. The Anne Semonin treatment of aromatic essential oils, traces classic French touch and a holistic of your body and skin. Anne Semonin treatments are designed to be “tailor made” and will not only revitalise the skin, but energise and balance the mind and spirit, providing total relaxation. Collection combines ingenious blend elements and marine ingredients with the approach to treating the individual needs. After your spa experience, a simple Anne Semonin regime is carefully prescribed, in which the therapist will recommend how to customise products to create perfect blends for optimum efficiency. This can then be carried out at home on a daily basis.

Immerse yourself into the tranquil world of Anne Semonin, rediscover your senses and emerge relaxed, recharged and glowing. Thalassa Sea & Spa aims to combine purely natural ingredients that can be found in marine spring water along with allowing your skin and body to benefit from the virtues of seaweed and oligo-elements.

This line of treatments features cosmetics for the face, body, shower and bath for both genders and are known as Anne Semonin, Phytomer and Skinceuticals . All designed to prolong the pleasure and sheer experience of your Thalassotherapy stay. Discover the paradise of Thalassa and indulge in the health benefits obtained from the seawater treatments in the most serene and idyllic of places, only at Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa.


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