Stoned in Love

London-based reflexologist PAOLO LAI is flying in for a visit to Gloss Salon & Spa and we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to talk to this infamous healing mogul.


Hello Paolo! Tell us about yourself and a brief overview of what you do.

Hello Jayne! I’ve been practicing reflexology for the last 13 years, in London treating lots of different clients with Facial and Foot Reflexology. I love the healing effect of a reflexology treatment.

Facial Reflexology is a spiritual facial, helping to reduce stress level and anxiety, due a stressful life. Using pressure points and massage techniques on your face can improve wellness relaxing muscles and the physical tone of your skin – leaving you lifted and glowing from within! During the treatment I use crystal tools – Rose Quartz to add crystal healing to the facial. Sound healing is used at the end of the treatment with sacred Full Moon Tibetan singing bowls, to help reconnect and feel more grounded.

Traditional Foot Reflexology has been used for thousands of years by stimulating pressure points on the foot. It will help remove energy blockages that put pressure on the physical body, creating tension, pain and discomfort. It makes you feel lighter, relaxed and extremely grounded.

We are excited that you have a range of products and treatments commissioned exclusively for GLOSS SALON & SPA from the UK.



Tell us what we should expect.

The Moon Mist™️ is bespoke for Gloss Bahrain, alongside a selection of special crystals and essential oils used during Facial Reflexology and Foot Reflexology treatments that are specifically tailored for Gloss’ amazing clientele.


You’re renowned in the beauty and wellness industry for your superb reflexology techniques during your esteemed facials – particularly your Crystal Facial where you use rose-quartz tools. How does a reflexology facial differ to a mainstream facial?

I call it “LIFTING FROM WITHIN!”… It’s not a cleansing facial, but rather an Holistic treatment using pressure points and massage techniques to reboot the nervous system and improve collagen production whilst also allowing more oxygen to the muscles which reduces fine lines and creates a more even skin tone. Not to mention how it lifts your spirit, reducing both tension and stress levels. The Rose Quartz tools are ‘Gua-sha’ which is a chinese facial tool to further help the tone of the face and provides an additional smoothing effeof the body’s energy and its properties work to get us back in touch with love by helping us to remove the emotional wounds. It’s the stone of unconditional love, that’s why it’s perfect for facial treatments – not just this February. Other crystals can also be used during the treatment, in relation to the client needs.



What is your favourite essential oil and why?

Palo Santo as it comes from South America, where the tree needs to die for at least 20 years, before the oil can be distilled. It has a very sweet smell, used by Shaman for protection during a spiritual journey and it can help with inflammation and reducing tension.


Tell us why you love Gloss Salon & Spa and why you’ve decided to collaborate with them as your exclusive partner in The Middle East.

I’ve known Gloss for years, and I’ve always wanted to visit Bahrain. Gloss meets my idea of holistic approach in beauty. Not only focusing on the appearance but at a spiritual level. Living a life with less stress ultimately improves someone’s aesthetic and automatically makes them look younger and healthier… but, also to feel it.



The MOON MIST™️ was created to improve relaxation, mood and protect. It’s fascinating that it is made every month during the Full Moon. How involved are you in the creation process?

The Moon Mist™️ was created to help me during stressful time, because I needed something to spray and let go at problems in life. The moon has a super power on humans, because we are made of 70% water, the moon controls tides and sea level, the same way it can control us. The moon purifies and strengthens the power of gems and crystals, that’s way I place them in water during the full moon to absorb and release their powers.

That is the base of the Moon Mist™️, then I add essential oil, alcohol to preserve it and then a pinch of salt for extra protection. The crystals I use change every time in relation to the Moon and what I want I want it to achieve. Different crystals have different healing properties. At the end I use a Full Moon Singing bowl to add sound healing.


Stress is unfortunately an everyday factor when it comes to us ladies being social butterflies. Tell us how you de-stress and wisdom you’d like to share with our readers.

I practice my own type of meditation with my crystals. When you give yourself some time to let go, to any fear, transform and relinquish from the attachment, focusing on a higher energy you create space to evolve and change. During the change even people around you start changing by you omitting positive vibes.


What is the inspiration behind your products?

To really help my clients to change and improve their lives because if you don’t love yourself then how can you love anybody else!?


We all like to combat ageing and we try to stay away fillers and botox as much as possible…After all, prevention is better than cure, right?

Prevention is always better. Nurturing yourself, reducing stress and regular facial massages are definitely the future of beauty.

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