Splendour of Dreams

A name synonymous with transformational ensembles, Saiid Kobeisy’s Spring and Summer 2024 collection merges the worlds of botany and geometry, creating a magnetic fusion of natural beauty and precise artistry.

Celebrating the brilliance of nature’s palette, Saiid Kobeisy embarks on a sartorial odyssey with the ready-to-wear SS2024 collection, where the brand masterfully intertwines the kaleidoscopic hues of nature with the timeless elegance of geometric accuracy. From the refreshing tones of blue and lime green to the bold pops of orange and fuchsia, every shade evokes the essence of a sun-kissed garden in full bloom. And amidst this riot of colour, the classic charm of black and off-white serves as a captivating contrast.

The selection unfolds with a series of plain yet effortlessly chic summery dresses that embody the spirit of flowers, their colours and silhouettes reflecting the diversity of the botanical world. With every sway and twirl, they exude an ethereal charm, casting a spell of beauty wherever they go. But it’s the flowy, beaded floral dresses that truly steal the show, their delicate embellishments shimmering like dewdrops on petals. Reminiscent of a gentle breeze, they evoke a sense of enchantment, inviting you to dance among the blossoms in full bloom.

Adding depth to the assortment are the black and white dresses adorned with intricate laser-cut patterns inspired by abstract shapes and flowers. Here, light and shadow converge in a mesmerising dance, highlighting the marriage of elegance and precision – a timeless reminder that fashion is indeed an art form.

This collection is more than just clothing – it’s a world waiting to be explored.


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