Spa Days at Vie

One of the best and most unassuming treasures at The Domain Bahrain Hotel is its VIE spa. We lapped up in their luxurious offerings and found ourselves totally renewed and rejuvenated…


On a morning where my legs felt unusually, but recently quite frequently, leaden, I was absolutely ready to surrender myself (very willingly) to The Domain Bahrain Hotel’s VIE spa. Arriving on the women only 11th floor of the hotel’s spa, I was greeted by Emma, the spa manager, who gave me a cooling fruit and vegetable infused glass of water before guiding me around the grounds.


Known as the VIE Lifestyle Lab, it is an urban wellness spa that focuses on both relaxation and rejuvenation. There’s a real emphasis on creating a space for women to unwind and remove themselves from the outside chaos with an atmosphere of tranquility and naturalness. I certainly felt shut out from the world and ready to descend into another world – one more attentive and nurturing to my body’s needs where you can take the time to be good to yourself and restore much needed balance.

Going through the multi-purpose VIE spa, you can use their fitness centre which is home to state of the art, cutting edge gym equipment including: elliptical trainers,cable cross over machines and treadmills. You can use the women-only gym or head up to the 15th floor for the mixed gym, if you prefer. And if you want to burn 600 calories in 30 minutes, we suggest you try the Iyashi Dome Far-Infared Sauna. You lie in the dome (turn at 15 minutes) where it heats the body directly and raises the core body temperature to produce a deep detoxifying sweat – hello healthy. A must try! One of my favourite features on this floor is the VIEtality cafe – where you can get healthy snacks, cold pressed juices and energy boosters to complement your feelgood treatments. Gluten free breads are also available, a major plus in our opinion! You can also enjoy the expansive pool on the 36th floor which boast superb views of Manama.

Vie Sauna

I was booked in for an Oriental Ceremony, which taps into South East Asian techniques and rituals. The VIE approach fuses science and nature to handle the complexities of the body and you definitely feel like you’re taken care of with the utmost grace and elegance.

The 75 minute treatment is an aromatic and exhilarating journey which starts off with a deep yet soothing exfoliation using a spiced marmalade scrub all over the body. Exfoliations can be intimidating if done with a hard hand but my therapist was gentle and thorough while scraping off all the dead skin cells with the very fragrant scrub, incorporating long massage strokes into the first part of the treatment. What makes this treatment a ceremony is just how reverent and peaceful the therapist was and how your body is treated like a temple – with respect and honour.

After washing off the scrub in a tepid shower, I experienced the most energising and
special massage I’ve ever had. Using smooth stones wrapped in aromatic bags soaked in warm oil, giving off a piquant geranium and ginger scent, the therapist pressed them at various points on my body where they gave me an instant energy boost. As she did this across my body, I felt increasingly soft and hydrated, while also slipping in and out of a light nap. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as being worked on to the sounds of chimes and peaceful echoes of nature. I cannot recommend this treatment enough if you’re looking to give yourself a luminous makeover in the most natural way.

The Oriental Ceremony is 75 minutes and is BD39. For more information or reservations call: 1600 0000

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