Soaking in Nourishment and Relaxation

With the warm season hitting us, there is nothing better than embracing indoor activities such as going for a massage. OHLALA’s editor embarked on a soothing journey at Heavenly Spa by Westin for a rejuvenating session.

I love exploring the wellness and beauty spots in Bahrain (lucky me, this is part of my job) and there is one place with the perfect location: Heavenly Spa by Westin at The Westin City Centre Bahrain. You can plan a shopping day and embark on a pampering journey after all the walking – your sore soles will thank you.

Located on the third floor of the hotel, the spa has an urban feel with a colour palette that mixes grey, green, white and black accents for minimal yet modern décor. What caught my attention the most when I stepped in was the wide selection of Elemis and Pevonia products on display in the retail part of the reception. You will definitely find your favourite and goto options in the collection.

Jasmin, the Complex Spa & Recreation Manager, sat with me while I had my welcome drink made with cucumber and lemon mint and refreshed myself with a cool wet towel; it has been so hot outside. She told me about the Heavenly Reward loyalty card, in which you get a stamp on every visit, and after the fifth one, you get a treatment for free – best of all, there is no expiration date. She also explained the treatments I would have: the DeAging Yoghurt Cream Wrap (which is part of their summer offers) and the best-seller Aspire Massage.

I was then taken to the changing room by lovely Nee, but first, she showed me the facilities such as the Jacuzzi, sauna and, to my surprise, a standing steam, which offers a lot of respiratory benefits. The changing room had private lockers, stocked with all the necessary amenities such as shower caps, a hugging robe, two types of slippers and much more. After donning my robe, she introduced me to Helen, my therapist for the day.

As I entered my treatment room, I noticed that the massage bed was covered with plastic; that was a sign that we were starting with the yoghurt wrap. The treatment is not really performed with real yoghurt but with Pevonia’s Tropicale De-Aging Papaya Pineapple Body Wrap. Available for professional use only, it is composed of marine collagen and elastin polypeptides, crème fraiche, vitamin A and much more. The benefits are to nourish, rejuvenate and smooth wrinkles. Helen asked me to lie down and started by applying a thick layer of the product covering my entire body – I really enjoyed the sensation on my skin and the smell of tropical fruits mixed with vanilla was delightful. She then enveloped my body with the wrap and placed a white sheet on top. The bed was warm, and the heat was trapped inside the plastic cocoon to help the goodness of the cream penetrate my skin with ease. It was such a comfortable and calm feeling. She then asked if she could give me a head massage while we waited, to which I agreed with enthusiasm.

The treatment had a 30-minute duration and, after that, I was asked to take a shower to remove the product – the in-room shower facilitated the process. The creamy formulation was washed off easily, and the result was instant smooth, refreshed, soft and brighter skin that was beautifully scented.

I returned to the same bed, with no plastic wrap this time, to get started on the 60-minute Aspire Massage, a customised treatment using your therapist’s best techniques to fulfil your spa day goals. Helen asked me which areas I would like her to concentrate on and for a change, I asked the masseuse to pay some attention to my feet, calves and thighs. I had gone for a long run the day before and a soothing massage on my legs sounded like a great idea. She worked closely on loosening my muscles with circular motions to release the tension. I asked for medium to firm pressure and she also added some stretching to the session, which made me feel much better. I appreciated the fact that she listened to my requests and was very skilled in delivering an effective and soothing massage at the same time.

After the treatment ended, I headed to the relaxation room to enjoy a warm green tea with dried fruits and nuts. It was an excellent time to relax my mind and think about my day. I also decided that going for a massage after a long run should be something to incorporate into my training routine.

If you are looking for some relaxing time allied to incredible results in a well-located spa, Heavenly Spa is the right destination for you. They offer an array of treatments such as massages, facials, Hammams and unique body treatments that will help you awaken your senses!

For more information or to make a booking, please call
Heavenly Spa by Westin at The Westin City Centre Bahrain on

1717 1000.

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