Sister Act

When a wishbone is your statement piece, you’re going to court good attention. We speak with sisters Mariam and Dania Sawedeg about their brain child: Kamushki and how their Libyan roots
manifest in their collection…

What does Kamushki mean?
It means precious stones in Russian. We started off by being inspired by the dazzling Russian culture and looking back in time at the Romano family and how they had beautiful authentic jewels with lots of colours.

How do your Libyan roots inspire your collections?
We love to incorporate a meaningful story to our jewellery and we have always been fascinated by our own culture. In Libya we are big believers of the evil eye and one of the symbols of protection that breaks the eye is the fish. In our Libyan traditional clothing there is always a big gold fish intertwined within our heavy gold and we tend to gift a bracelet or small pin with a fish when there is a new born.


Are there any new shapes, architectural forms or designs that you’re particularly inspired by for Kamushki?
We come from a country that was conquered by the Greeks, Romans and at some point by the Turkish Empire and Italians. We believe in architecture as a form of art and history which we always bring into our designs.


What kind of woman do you have in mind when designing your collections? Contemporary, chic and courageous women. What’s your jewellery philosophy?
We are a storytelling brand; we want our customers to never be afraid to take risks; we want people to feel inspired by wearing our jewellery.




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