Our New Year’s resolution this 2020 comes in the form of Electrical Muscle Stimulation at DESSANGE Bahrain’s renowned energetic health club.

My torso, arms, legs and glutes are strapped up tight in water-soaked fabric and a vest, to which various wires are plugged in. Next, a bigger cable is plugged into my bodysuit, connecting to an electrical stand with a small screen. I nervously watch as the machine whirrs into life. From there, I spent the next 20 minutes being mildly electrocuted, all in the name of getting fitter, stronger and leaner.

This is Electrical Muscle Stimulation – or EMS – training. It’s not new, but over the past few months it’s seen a resurgence. I’m at Dessange, Adliya about to experience what some people claim is the most efficient way to workout. The idea is that a 20 minute EMS workout is more effective than a gym session that would last about an hour. Sounds too good to be true, right?

In a 20 minute EMS session, you do about ten different exercises such as squats, lunges and standing ab crunches, all whilst electrical impulses flood your body. A personal trainer is on-hand the whole time, turning the levels up and down.

As workouts go, it’s bizarre, especially the first time. Because you’re not moving that much and the movements you do do are slow, you don’t feel like you’re working that hard. That said, when the level gets turned up, it sure is different, and I certainly left a bit sweaty

Some of the workouts are tougher than others, depending on how hard your trainer would push you based upon what you’re wanting to achieve – and I wanted to start on an all-or-nothing approach which made for a memorable initial session where it ached to sit down for three days afterwards. THREE DAYS! No pain, no gain.

It seems too good to be true, but the science behind EMS training makes sense. The electrical impulses activate muscles you might not normally engage, and when combined with deliberate muscle tension without bearing any weight, it works muscles extra hard, but safely. More muscle fibres are activated than would be during a regular workout – including ones you can’t even feel or control – and all major muscle groups are worked at the same time.

Essentially, you’re getting an extra intense workout in a short amount of time, whilst moving less. Win-win, right? Of course when it comes down to it, you want to see results, be that fat loss, muscle gain or simply improving tone.

 “Essentially, you’re getting an extra intense workout in a short amount of time, whilst moving less. Win-win, right?”

It’s incredibly convenient as you don’t need any kit – you’re given extremely fetching black stretchy leggings and a top to wear under the wired-up suit – and 20 minutes is easy to fit into your daily routine. The cheapest way to pay is to buy in bulk, however ,there are a range of packages available for everyone – regardless of your budget.

However, if you are committed to getting fitter and are struggling to fit workouts into your week, EMS training is the answer.


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