Thalassotherapy uses the restorative powers of the sea for your health and wellbeing so we channeled our inner mermaid and raced to the award winning SOFITEL BAHRAIN ZALLAQ THALASSA SEA & SPA.

Driving into the impressive grounds of the 5* Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa, you know it’s going to deliver. This beach family resort is home to the Middle East’s only award winning Thalassa Sea & Spa. This was the main appeal for us, but, we learnt that this resort has something for everyone. Sofitel Bahrain is a spa hotel in a land of opulent hospitality, with nine hectares of private beach. The resort is set amidst beautiful, well manicured landscape and offers extensive leisure facilities from tennis and squash courts to culinary diversity. There’s a Kid’s Club, a beauty salon, and an extensive gym. All in addition to the world class Thalassa Sea & Spa.

Having travelled the world visiting a multitude of spa brands, it is clear to see that Sofitel Bahrain is more than just a spa, or rather a hotel spa, it’s a complete experience. Here you have everything – the vision for wellbeing is reinforced by the resort, with healthy eating options, the onsite eateries and all of the sports and activities including swimming and yoga. All of these facilities and services can be enjoyed to give you the optimum holistic wellbeing experience that extends beyond your time at Thalassa Sea & Spa. This haven of wellness puts the Middle East firmly on the global map of truly world class spa destinations.

Thalassa Sea & Spa can be accessed via the hotel itself or accessed via its private entrance – perfect for anyone only visiting the spa itself. The entrance to the spa is surprising for a hotel. It’s airy with an open ceiling space the height of 2 floors, and spacious, with a collection of world renowned high-end products to peruse through while you are attended to. Soft lighting, precious wood and delicate fragrances combine in the sophisticated and contemporary atmosphere of the 2,000-square-meter center devoted to beauty and relaxation for body and mind. Furthermore, you can make use of their wonderful facilities on a complimentary basis, such as the indoor infinity freshwater pool, seawater pool with hydrotherapy circuit, hammams and sauna with any spa treatment purchased.

The moment the door opens to the spa zone, your journey starts. The ambiance was set with earthy sounds and intentional guiding lights. My husband and I were shown to our locker rooms to change into our robes and then we were led down to our treatment rooms for the Seawater Hydromassage Bath. I sank into the bath guided by my therapist as the water jets pulsated in a directional rhythm fixating on alternate points of my body. This was pure bliss. Deep relaxation. The kind where you think you’ve been sleeping for an hour, when it’s only been minutes. Throughout this 30 minute treatment the music was soft on the ear in the background and flowed through a sequence that complimented the treatment that I was receiving. All of my senses were ignited during this journey of serenity ignited from the restorative powers of the sea.

Thalassa Sea & Spa clearly have a passion for wellbeing and it showed through the wonderful senses of the treatments that we encountered. Here, they offer treatments traditionally found at a spa, with a twist, such as their Phytomer Signature Oligomer Spa Replenishment Holistic Treatment, which uses a selection of active ingredients over 90 minutes to allow you to immerse yourself into the heart of brand Phytomer’s DNA, to recharge the body’s batteries and continue on your holistic journey. A creamy no rinse scrub that combines Oligomer® Crystals, with its remineralising benefits, with Porphyra Conchocelis powder, and its exfoliating properties, for an ultra-soft, velvety and fortified skin was applied first. This no rinse scrub was perfect as I always feel as though going to the shower to rinse off somehow disrupts my zen psych, but, with warm wet towels I allowed myself to wind-down.

This specific massage produced a fully encompassing holistic approach from the tips of my toes to the ends of my hair. My therapist ensured that this treatment provided the perfect balance between light strokes and presses and between deep tissue massage and a gentle hand massage allowing for an instant rejuvenating effect and incomparable relaxation. The hubby can certainly pamper me more often!

The treatment as a whole was deeply relaxing and re-energising, at one point I fell into such a deep slumber that I actually woke myself up snoring in the Couple’s Room – much to my Husband’s delight. This new body treatment offers a unique multi sensorial experience based on Oligomer®; Phytomer’s mythic active ingredient with remineralising and fortifying benefits. The results? Well, my body has never felt more relaxed, re-energized and deeply revitalized. Finishing my treatment with my head faced down was something that I’m not used to when it comes to a massage, but it was welcomed as a comparable to when you’re left faced-up, as the back massage is always my favourite part and should always, in my opinion, be the last step. We also enjoyed sipping on the delicious ginger tea as we were hugged by the towering armchairs in our treatment suite. To finish off our pampering for the day we decided to enjoy a Paraffin Spa Manicure and Pedicure – something I’d never tried before but would highly recommend. My poor dry hands have been quite literally peeling away as-of-late, as have my husbands feet due to the change of weather and the use of air-conditioning throughout Bahrain. As the treatment gloves and socks were placed onto me I fell into a cocooned-like state. The heat of the wax opens pores and increases circulation to the hands and feet with the added bonus of helping to alleviate sore muscles and joints.

This was the perfect way to end the Thalassa experience, but it was with a heavy heart that we had to leave. Although, next time… we will be sure to pack our overnight cases and stay overnight to elongate this sensorial experience.

For reservations and more information, please call 1763 6391/92 @sofitelbahrain

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