Scent Therapy

The luxury French perfume house, INITIO Parfums Privés, is launching a new fragrance, Musk Therapy. The formula revives the therapeutic nature of scents.

Enhance your mood and pave your way to inner peace with Musk Therapy. The creation of this scent is based on neuroscientific research on olfaction that establishes a connection between certain smells and our physical and emotional response. INITIO Parfums Privés collaborated with a specialised laboratory to develop this ‘functional fragrance’ that is joyful and uplifting and acts as an alternative medicine for instant happiness.

The new fragrance is an association of natural ingredients and molecules that have been curated to elevate the mind and body. Its raw materials magnify every note and accord. Natural white sandalwood is used to promote well-being, alleviating stress, calming, and boosting selfconfidence. Magnolia recomposed with hedione (an aroma compound that smells similar to jasmine) heightens the olfactory narrative acting as a quasi-pheromone, activating the brain’s pleasure receptors. Blackcurrant is added to revitalise and liberate the fragrance’s energy, while white musk enhances the scent for an intense final touch.

The result is an addictive perfume that speaks to the brain’s deepest part, creating an olfactory circuit that crosses the emotional terrain for a positive outcome. The main notes are bergamot, mandarin, white magnolia, cassis, white sandalwood, all-natural white musk and all-natural rose musk.


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