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Dessange Bahrain has come to the rescue to ensure that we receive their unparallelled services post-quarantine, with optimised safety measures in place. After all, we’re all long overdue for some TLC.

The hunt for healthy and beautiful hair can be an ongoing quest for many—this editor included. Oftentimes, nourishing, hydrating products lack beauty-boosting styling power, and conversely, those products that make hair photo-worthy often lack the ingredients to keep it healthy! To see the mixture of healthy and beautiful hair in action, we sashayed our way to Dessange which is one of the acclaimed Kérastase salons in Bahrain.

After parking my car in their private car park I ventured towards Dessange, its chic interiors reflecting the ultimate luxury and comfort of the beauty salon, which is exclusively designed to cater to every individual where clients leave feeling fabulous and revitalised. Dessange is not your average salon, as it seamlessly showcases, but, it also combines grooming and beauty services under one roof at the highest accredited standard.

Even though I was wearing my mask the comforting scent of lemongrass filled the air as I waited in reception and adhered to the social distancing measure prompts in place, including floor stickers. Here, my temperature was checked and logged, alongside signing their in-house Covid-19 questionnaire, which was completed prior over the telephone when I initially made the appointment. Any service here is strictly pre-booked to allow for the necessary turnover time for disinfection and to apply physical social distancing between clients. Each member of staff is wearing face masks, face shields and disposable gowns to provide stringent safety measures for everyone. Once verifying my appointment I was guided to their in-house Kérastase Fusio-Dose™ Hair Lab, I was met by one of their professional stylists to diagnose my hair’s specific needs and prescribed a custom treatment to provide me an optimum service for what my lacklustre locks crave. I was provided a disposable gown to wear as I sat down to complete my consultation with one of their professional hair stylists as they assisted me to choose the best treatment to accelerate my hair to the best of its potential – after all, us girls should never settle for second best and Dessange is a font of all things prestigious. This is certainly a ritual that I am going to encompass into my hair routine and with surroundings like this, who can blame me? The diagnosis, on this particular visit, determined that Genesis Fusio-Dose™ was the best form of action to inject a new lease of life into my lifeless mane. Genesis combines the efficacious solution to hair fall due to breakage from brushing with the indulgence of a hair ritual. With Genesis, their motto is ‘Never be afraid of falling’ surrounding our ongoing concerns about hair fall. There is a whole host of other Kérastase treatments befitting for the revolution of your hair. The signature Fusio-Dose™ ritual is the most personalised service Kérastase offers and is exclusively available in salons. With up to 20 possible pairings, the results are instant and can target two key hair concerns including dryness, damage, frizz, density and dullness.

First up was their Kérastase Genesis Poudre Détox, a cleansing combination used in conjunction with the shampoo. It has been specially developed and it gently purifies by removing contaminant particles and sebum to revitalise the scalp and hair lengths. Your scalp feels cleansed and gives you a natural shine. The science behind it is they choose one of the concentrés as a base – Oléo Fusion for nutrition, Pixelist for shine, Vita-ciment for strength, and Densifique for density. Then, my stylist added in a booster to target my hair’s secondary concern. Booster options include: Nutrition, Brilliance, Reconstruction, Densité, Discipline and now Genesis. The result: A tailormade treatment designed to treat your biggest hair woe.

My scalp and hair strands were thirsty for attention and thankfully I was cocooned into a blissful state as my head was massaged within an inch of its life – utter serenity. I could have stayed there all day, and, I’ll admit it, I have a lot of hair and it’s pretty unruly at times, and with years of keeping up with fashion trends my hair has inevitably paid the price, but, alas I was now receiving the protection that I mercilessly coveted. They used a mix to strengthen my hair and a boost of moisture treatment to help my hair strength. With that diagnosis, they whipped up – in scientific fashion, I might add – a custom blend of Kérastase Genesis. The fresh fragrance has been inspired by the energetic attitude that springs from many modern colognes. Featuring citrusy, sun-ripened bergamot, along with aromatic herbs and a touch of floral notes. Full of youth and positivity, Genesis celebrates the vigor of modern life. The term ‘pamper princess’ sprung to my mind during this sensorial experience and I allowed my mind to drift off into a daydream, fully embracing the wonder of everything that I was experiencing.

Although this treatment is instant, they recommended following with Kérastase shampoo to prolong the enviable results that I’d witnessed and to stimulate my hair follicles to strengthen in between visits. Thankfully, Kérastase has different collections to suit all hair types. Bain Fluidealiste sulphate-free shampoo for unruly hair, Nutritive for dry hair, Resistance for damaged hair, Discipline for frizzy hair, Reflection for colour-treated hair, and Densifique for fine hair are but only the tip of their range of products. And if you really want to see a transformation, head back to the salon once a month for a follow-up FusioDose™ treatment. Not only will you see results the second you leave the salon, but you’ll also see long-lasting results with regular visits. It’s important to add that every seat and surface that I came into contact with was disinfected instantaneously with BARBICIDE® using a spray gun for maximum coverage.

Almost instantly, it was apparent that my once-frazzled locks had been tamed. My hair’s cuticles were smooth and shiny—a difficult task to achieve, as any girl with wavy or curly hair knows! But more importantly, my hair was strong and my hair was instantaneously transformed. Hair miracles are what we truly desire, but other salon visits have fallen short of my desired look or expectations. Now, I was shimmying my hair for everyone to see and my smile had overridden my face. Currently, blow dries are unavailable but that didn’t stop the team from them being on-trend as they plaited my hair into french braids whilst wet, so that I woke up with covetable beach waves. Although I wasn’t booked in for a manicure it was refreshing to see that Dessange had implemented additional screens at their stations to limit any unnecessary contact further and to strengthen their already exemplary precautions. So, if you’re looking for luxury and convenience, or indeed a little ‘me’ time, then you owe it to yourself to head over to Dessange. My next appointment is already booked and I’m already counting down the days for my next fix, in the utmost hygienic and safest of surroundings.

“Any service here is strictly pre-booked to allow for the necessary turnover time for disinfection and to apply physical social distancing between clients.”

For more information or to make an appointment please call 1771 3999.

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