Dream-like Aura

Rami Al Ali’s Bridal Couture Collection 2022 embodies an exquisite vision of beauty and elegance where he displays his skills and creativity. OHLALA spoke to the designer about his brand and creations in an exclusive interview.

The new collection is an encounter between old-school glamour and modern-day sophistication. The whimsical pieces are composed of delicately structured shapes and unmatched detailing. Traditional, princess-style gowns and voluminous full skirts are met with structured bodices. Architectural designs, distinguished against sleek and sensual silhouettes, add an elevated touch of modern femininity synonymous with the fashion house. Signature embroidery and new-season techniques echo the house’s history of craftsmanship. Prominent abstract 3D beadwork continues to play an integral role in the brand’s visual identity, and the modernisation of such classical artistries allows for a simplistic and intricate result. The Rami Al Ali woman can express herself and be the bride of her dreams.

OHLALA – You studied Visual Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, Syria, and could have gone in many different directions. Why fashion?
Rami Al Ali –
I have always been mesmerised by the concept of appearance and its effect on us and others. Fashion is one of the oldest communication tools and it has so much power and eternal relevance that it made me always intrigued and interested. Studying design in general for four years at the fine art university gave me much more clarity that fashion design is exactly what I love and what I’m good at.

OHLALA – What are your favourite clothing pieces to design and why?
Rami –
I don’t think I have a favourite one; every piece has its own charm. While I am working on creating a new item, it begins to have a character that blossoms and blooms during the design process. They all have different flavours and bring different experiences.

OHLALA – What is the main difference in your creative process when designing your bridal collections? Is there a specific line of thought that you follow?
Rami –
It is more or less the same process for all lines. It starts with creating a mood board, a theme to guide the universe of the collection, respecting our DNA and the brand’s aesthetic. I always collect the needed references and start the silhouettes and embroidery sampling. Then it’s the colour palette and fabric suitable to achieve those silhouettes. Experimenting in the process with new shapes and structures, evolving and mastering techniques we started a few seasons ago. I ensure that my creations’ relevance and modernity are based on consistent market research.

OHLALA – What are the key elements every bride looks for when choosing a dress?
Rami –
Every bride looks for uniqueness, exclusivity and the right complementary creation for her wedding look. It needs to show her character and boost her best features – never losing sight of comfort.

OHLALA – What piece of advice would you give to brides-to-be looking for a dress?
Rami –
Being yourself is most important. With all the social media apps and information overload, it is easy to lose yourself and get confused. So don’t forget what you like for yourself and not what you like on others.

OHLALA – What is the one thing in your career that you are most proud of after more than 20 years of having your own brand?
Rami –
I have to say being self-funded is what I am most proud of. However, it was also the most challenging aspect to achieve.


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