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Enjoy an intimate ambience of a Ramadan celebration at home with loved ones this Holy Month. FOUR SEASONS HOTEL BAHRAIN BAY brings flair and sumptuous flavours for Iftar and Ghabga to set the tone for memorable evenings.

Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay stands in splendid isolation with the waters of Bahrain Bay lapping against its shores. It is ironically symbolic of the state that many of us find ourselves in during Ramadan whilst socially distancing. However, the fabulous team at Four Seasons has made it their

mission to ensure that Iftar and Ghabga can still be celebrated in the utmost style and sophistication, not in an exquisitely decorated Iftar tent within their manicured grounds but at home, safely with family. No need to compromise on quality or service, along with delicious flavours they still come in abundance, albeit delivered to your door. As we can’t go to them they are bringing their elevated gastronomic flair to us. It is no wonder that it’s highly recommended to pre-order 24 hours in advance on account of Four Seasons’ pristine reputation preceding it.

Chef de Cuisine Suhaib Omar and Executive Pastry Chef Imad Boukli are at the helm of this Ramadan culinary voyage, and since both gentlemen are Middle Eastern they add a further authentic dynamic to the offerings of the sumptuous takeaway menus. Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay’s à la carte and set menus provide variety and value for money yet it is the quality that sets these apart from others. We decided to delve in at the deep end and selected their highest tier – Set Menu C.

After sunset we received our delivery in the most sophisticated manner. The driver and concierge arrived in a luxury vehicle that exuded Four Seasons’ exclusivity. Arriving in insulated packaging to retain its heat and freshness, they certainly arrived in style. The multitude of dishes themselves were presented in a decadent and fittingly luxuriant way. There was no need to decant from the vessels they supplied as they looked sufficiently impressive for any Iftar gathering at home. A personalised greetings card was adorned with Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay’s iconic structure which was a subtle yet heartwarming touch.

The Hot and Cold Mezze proves to be the perfect starting point once the time comes to break fast or ‘fatoor’. The cold mezze included staples such as Tabouleh, Fattoush, Vine Leaves and Hummus which were accompanied with warm, fresh, pillowy Arabic Bread and sumptuously sweet Bahraini dates. The Muttabal and Potato Harra showcased the skill of the team of chefs with their seasoning techniques. The elevation of such simplistic dishes provided new realms of taste in a way that made the quality of the ingredients truly shine. The Lentil Soup was hearty and comforting. The Punjabi Samosa had layers of flavour providing pleasant heat spice-wise as well as being the perfect temperature to devour upon arrival. Cheese Rolls, Kebbeh and Spinach Fatayer were balanced and offered the perfect balance for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Perfect for a larger family gathering where diners have varying palates and persuasions.

The main courses included in this set menu were equally show stopping. There was no scrimping on quality of ingredients, presentation or technique. Each dish was fit to be served in any one of the dining establishments within the Four Seasons itself. The Oriental Mixed Grill was unique and toyed with our taste buds. It drew us away from the Persian spicing of other dishes and was ludicrously tender and juicy. The Hamour Harra was unique and subtly spiced so that the delicate fish was not overpowered. Ultimately choosing which of the main courses was the most delicious was a little bit like being asked to choose your favourite child; each had their own special qualities. Shish Taouk and Kofta provided a sense of familiarity along with fruity Moroccan Lamb Tagine which could have been cut with a spoon. The Chicken Biryani and Assorted Mahashi were expertly constructed and added vibrancy to our feast. The richly creamy Lasagna Bolognese was an unexpected but much welcomed addition to the menu. Satisfying and authentically Mediterranean. We even enjoyed some of these mains the following day by heating them in the oven, as opposed to the microwave so as not to hinder the taste, and they were fabulous.

“Shish Taouk and Kofta provided a sense of familiarity along with fruity Moroccan Lamb Tagine which could have been cut with a spoon.”

The Executive Pastry chef has surpassed himself in terms of the assortment of delectable, dainty desserts which draw this takeaway Iftar meal to a close. Tiramisu, Crème Caramel and Blueberry Cheesecake garnished with golden dusted fruits represented the finest quality and expertise. The Chocolate Crunchy Cake would have to be my personal showstopper though as I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic and the balance of the cacao was executed to perfection. Travelling East for the more traditional Katayef Cream, Mahalabiya and Um Ali with sensational syrups and actual rose water amplified these Arabic staples. All were executed to the highest of standards and with signature staging such as flourishes of gold leaf.

Make your dream a reality for you and your family and place your order now for an unforgettable culinary experience. Ramadan Kareem!

For orders and more information please call or WhatsApp 1711 5000

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