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Lebanon has always been synonymous with strong designers. When it comes to fashion, the Lebanese have it naturally. Noor Fares is no exception. In fact, she represents the Middle Eastern designer who approaches their craft with a sense of preserving cultural roots but with international vision. From a young age Noor was drawn to jewellery via her mother and grandmother’s astute sense of style. Now, she is at the helm of her eponymous brand which sees superb sculptural designs steeped in geometry and finesse. Having grown up in Paris, it’s evident she has that delicate flair so emblematic of Parisian fashion sensibility. But her heritage never goes unnoticed. It’s what allows intrigue to spark…

How has your background in Paris, THE style capital of the world,
informed your love for jewellery and why you started your collections?

Paris has such a rich culture and growing up there allowed me to be introduced to the arts from a very young age. My aunt and mother are very creative and gave me my first foray into the world of design. From this I started making bespoke jewellery for friends and family that later turned into the Noor Fares brand we know today.

You grew up surrounded by strong women like your mother. How did
she accessorise?

My mother has a wonderful sense of style and alters pieces to match it
all the time. She will often wear lots of layers of necklaces along with a
statement pair of earrings.

Do you have a most treasured item in your personal jewellery collection?

My grandmother’s engagement ring is very special to me.

Tell us about the creative inspiration for your collections?

I spend a few months making mood boards and researching my inspiration before applying it to designs. It is often whilst travelling that I am at my most creative, so I return home and put my ideas in motion.

What materials do you love using?

I love discovering new materials. For ‘The Fly Me to the Moon’ collection I launch a series of new material earrings twice a year. We currently have over 30 different materials that we use. At the moment I really love Opal and Topaz.

“Jewellery can be viewed as objects of art in the same way that buildings are”

Is there anything new you’d like to try and use? Something unusual and
unexpected, perhaps?

Yes, but you’ll have to wait and see! Jewellery is a lot more architectural and geometric nowadays.

Why do you think that is?

I think that architecture nowadays is built with humans in mind, in terms of how it will affect the people who view it or live/work inside it, so it becomes something inspiring. I also feel that jewellery can be viewed as mini sculptures or objects of art in the same way that buildings are.

Where would you say Noor Fares sits between minimalism and standout statement pieces?

I try to create pieces with clean geometric lines but add colour to ensure
it makes an impact.

What’s your future vision for the brand?

I hope to continue to design collections that women want to wear and to
inspire young designers to follow their dreams.


Jewellery pieces from the Akasha collection.


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