Not surprisingly, the exceptional conditions of the last couple of years have affected how we inhabit our lifestyle spaces. With the dawn of 2022, you may be thinking of giving your home a facelift to welcome the new year. We’ve investigated some of the coming trends.

Maxi Vs Mini

Minimalism has seen its ups and downs but the pandemic has brought out a new dimension of the trend. With remote working and social separation being a constant presence in our lives, traditional minimalist designs are harder to maintain. A growing demand for multifunctional spaces and versatility has encouraged a middle-ground between minimalism and maximalism, with more people allowing themselves the luxury of answering to their wants instead of simply their needs. And needs themselves have changed, especially with the onset of remote working and schooling. Homes have become not just homes, but schools, offices, gyms, study rooms and the like. With spaces needing to cater to different functions, 2022 will see every nook and cranny being utilised to meet our wants and needs.

Nature Conquers All

“Perhaps because humanity has never needed the healing powers of nature more than we do at this moment, there is a quest to take this approach even deeper,” says Michael Lamb – editorial director of The Trend Curve. The past two years have seen an increasing want and care for nature, with natural colours and organic tones being paramount to feeling at ease in these troubled times. Lockdowns and closures have similarly inspired a return to nature’s many beauties and a reminder of the planet’s various tones, including olive greens, fresh blues and earthy auburn browns. Black and dark tones are taking centre stage as they add depth to minimalist designs and a return to natural tones.

Suitable Scents

Designers and trendsetters, such as Lisa White, who previously curated the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne, told AD PRO (an authoritative, opinionated editorial resource from @archdigest for design-world insiders) that scents will continue to have a strong presence in homes, with people looking to enrich the experience of their habitats through varying senses. “Perhaps the home office will be scented with sage to promote mental acuity, while the bedroom will be scented with orange blossom to promote calm and sleep, and the living room with something cosy and festive like the fragrance of a crackling fire,” she said.


But beware, if you have pets, certain diffusers and other scent options, including some candles, can be extremely toxic to your furry friends. Likewise, if you opt to scent your home with real flowers, stay away from plants such as lilies and orchids which are also poisonous to many animals, even in very small amounts.

Sustainability Stories

Due to current supply chain-induced shortages and a desire to support sustainability and the environment, it’s expected the coming year will see further calls to reduce, reuse and recycle those items we (or our friends) already have in our homes.

Wildfires, atypical weather, such as floods, and climate urgency have sparked the demand for sustainable solutions. According to designers such as Rozit Arditi, of Arditi Design, 2022 will see a growing push to care for the environment and use upcycled waste materials and discarded objects. The past couple of years have also seen a surge in the number of sites selling pre-loved furniture and art online. One of our favourites is which features international sellers and individuals offering high-end pieces at a fraction of the normal price. They may not always ship to our part of the world but the site is great for inspiration.

Comfort is King

Gone, for now, are the days of edgy interiors. With the new normal came curved and comfortable and it’s here to stay. Curves in furniture design have long been accepted as providing a sense of security, from the arms and enveloping backs of our sofas (or, indeed, the whole sofa) to sculptural pieces that give a feeling of flow. Look out for more of these feminine features in 2022.

Houston-based designer Dennis Brackeen speaking to Veranda (an American lifestyle magazine with its focus on homes) described curves as “a freedom from the feel of limitations within a rigorously structured space.”

Let There Be Light

With lockdowns and a sense of tight spaces came the need for the presence of natural light and larger windows, blurring the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors. House plants have been a very welcome breath of fresh air, just when we needed them most, and they will continue to be so in the coming year. These leafy friends provide a lifeaffirming touch of green and serve as beautiful décor.

Old is Gold

Out goes the new, in comes the old. Writing desks and home libraries are re-entering the market, with people seeking out these old-fashioned trends.

With a growing urge to be sustainable and a return to oldfashioned furniture comes the reuse of antiques, be it grandma’s old dining set or slivers of unique material. Not only does this support sustainability, it also adds personality to your home, showing a unique appreciation of the past and of history. New York-based interior designer Lilse McKenna told Veranda: “Our younger clients are more interested in buying antiques than ever before and, based on the supply-chain predictions we’re seeing now, I’m guessing this will only continue in 2022.”

Personal Touch

“After spending so much time scrolling through Instagram over the past two years, I think we are all tired of spaces that are void of personality or look like copies of spaces we’ve seen before,” says Lilse McKenna.

She predicts 2022 will see a rise in the evasion of common trends and a desire to explore more personalised spaces and expressive interiors, exchanging the customary Instagram interior décor for a more unique look.

Colour Coordinated

Kim Armstrong, of Kim Armstrong Interior Design, predicts the resurrection of the iconic red of the nineties as she examines a growing tendency for people to make bolder choices when it comes to the design of their homes. Not only is it striking, but red will always be one of those classic shades that makes anything look glorious and it can work with everything from casual to regal designs.

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