This year, put yourself first in your life and take time to do the things you enjoy most in a place that will welcome you with arms wide open – Dessange is waiting for you!

The New Year always brings an urge to care more for ourselves. We pledge to eat healthier food, start and maintain an exercise routine and splurge on some pampering from time to time to make us feel good. This means there is no better moment to look for a place that can help you keep up with these promises. At Dessange Paris Bahrain, you will find everything you need under one roof in a sophisticated and expansive villa located in the heart of buzzing Adliya.

The space is dedicated to women and emanates good vibes from the moment you step into the reception. Everyone is smiling and ready to help you. The calming Dessange signature smell of lemongrass adds to the ambience. It puts you in the mood to enjoy a spa day, embrace a makeover or even motivates you to exercise. It is a place where you make friends and feel at home – exactly what you need to keep you focused on yourself. Dessange feature state-of-the-art treatments and services in their renowned hair and beauty salon, tranquil spa, energetic health club and charming café. The salon brings the latest trends in hair styling and experienced professionals who care for your tresses. You can go for a full-on hair treatment, colouring and cutting or opt for a simple blow-dry. For every hair appointment, customers are treated to a scalp and hair analysis, making even the shampooing part of the process customised. Natural PHYTODESS products (from the Dessange Paris line) are used alongside other well-known brands in the field. The nails team deliver fingertip care that goes from simple manicure and pedicure to paraffin wax therapy for hands and feet and nail art.

When it comes to the spa, everything about it is just perfect, from the changing area, where you’ll find all the necessary amenities, such as the fluffiest robes, to the facilities. Besides lockers full of personalised amenities, if you go a few steps down, you enter the restroom space with wide private showers and cubicles to get changed – everything looks spotless and welcoming to make you feel cared for.

Moving into the spa area, the whole ambience changes and it seems that you are transported to a haven of peace and wellness. The light dims and you leave behind the busy corridors filled with ladies moving around. It’s recommended that mobile phones are left in the locker so you can forget about the world outside and dive into your chosen therapy. You’ll discover many treatment rooms, a sauna, a steam chamber, two Hammam rooms, Jacuzzi and a cool-water pool. If you get the chance, don’t miss the opportunity to move from hot water to freezing. Contrast bath therapy improves circulation, lessens muscle fatigue and decreases pain. The latest massages and facial treatments are offered together with mechanical therapies such as Endermologie Body Lipomassage. The team of experts under the watchful eye of the competent and knowledgeable Joie, the Spa Manager, can guide you in choosing the best treatments according to your desires and needs.

To complete your experience at Dessange, a well-equipped health club awaits you on the villa’s top floor. Maja is the Health Club Manager in charge of this area, which offers a spacious and well-lit gym and a series of classes. The gym has all the equipment you can think of (and maybe more), the space is open to members and a trainer is always available to help you with your routine. However, the classes are the biggest highlight here, from Circuit Training, Spinning and Body Pump to Yoga, Pilates and Fit Dance. There is a class for everyone starting from 7.15am and going until 7.45pm, most of them having a duration of 45 minutes to one hour. They are fun and engaging, which helps to maintain motivation. The cute juice bar located right outside the health club offers an energy boost with special drinks and healthy bites. Now that the weather is pleasant, you can relax on the balcony in the company of a book and delicious snacks. They also offer retail products with an array of brands, from their own Dessange Paris line to Elemis and Dermalogica.

By now, you must be convinced that all you need in 2023 to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions alive is to become part of the Dessange family. Membership packages are available and full of benefits. Dessange does offer a unique space where you can wake up in the morning and head into your daily exercise routine; then, choose one of the spa treatments and finalise your day at the salon. If that is not a perfect pampering day, composed of good habits, health boosters and a touch of beauty, then we can’t think of anything else that could deliver this kind of good feeling to your day.

For more information or to book an appointment,
please call Dessange Paris Bahrain on 1771 3999.

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