Nature Novelties

The Maison Boucheron brings new versions of two iconic designs, the Plume De Paon and Fuzzy, the Leopard Cat. Eye-catching jewellery pieces that will add singularity and confidence to your looks

The elements found in nature are an inspiration to the jewellery world. More than 140 years ago, Frédéric Boucheron, the founder of Maison Boucheron, and his foreman were playing with a peacock feather and had the idea to create a necklace to resemble it. They wanted to develop a piece that would be free, aerial and supple, mimicking the delicate shape of the feather. The motif is chiselled in supple strands and comes to life through the woman’s movements when wearing it. The feather continues to inspire the brand. This time, it trembles in white gold and diamonds while daring new aesthetics are included for a contemporary approach.

Inspired by another animal, Fuzzy is a collection that portrays a dreamy feline. This season, the new items come in a pendant and an ear stud shape, showcasing rose-gold fur and emerald green eyes. Whether you choose a peacock feather or a leopardcat design, they’ll add a signature to your style. They represent delight and strength, softness and power to reveal your sense of uniqueness.

Collection available at Boucheron Boutique in Moda Mall.

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