My Precious

Diamonds are considered a girl’s best friend. However, jewellery has been part of humanity much longer than Marilyn Monroe’s iconic line in the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Broadway production.

As we all know well, accessories have the power to transform a look and add character to an outfit, expressing our unique personalities. Jewellery is acknowledged as a universal form of adornment that has been spotted since prehistoric times. Men and women have been wearing earrings, rings, necklaces and more in almost every culture and region of the world. Even before any communication amongst them was as easy as nowadays or even possible when it comes to many, many years ago. It shows a deep connection between human beings and objects that they consider precious or that are filled with significance. For many centuries, jewellery has been used as an emblem of status, wealth, nobility, rank, religion, and other representations.

Gemstones can also be used as tokens with intrinsic meanings. Diamonds, for instance, represent purity, unity and love. Ruby shows power and prosperity, while emerald is filled with hope and rebirth. They are likewise linked to the zodiac signs and are known as birthstones – wearing them is thought to bring good luck and protection. Wearing beautiful jewels and gems definitely represents more than profound social expressions. They can be a symbol of femininity, elegance and confidence.

No matter the reason why you choose to wear certain jewellery (maybe an emotional heirloom or you might be looking for a best friend?), these adornments are part of our lives, and they will certainly not go anywhere – anytime soon. Choose your favourite piece and embellish yourself.

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