Monochrome Magic

Unlock the magic of CHANEL’s OMBRE ESSENTIELLE: 14 shades, endless creativity and the art of monochrome make-up redefined.

Choosing a colour isn’t merely about aesthetics; it’s a narrative of self-affirmation. CHANEL, with their deep understanding of this concept, offer a plethora of hues that eloquently express individual charm. Through OMBRE ESSENTIELLE, CHANEL invite you to explore the art of monochrome, where every shade becomes a signature of confidence and self-expression.

Monochrome, far from being mundane, is about making a bold statement. Cécile Paravina, the Global Makeup Creative Partner of House of CHANEL, revolutionises the concept with OMBRE ESSENTIELLE, introducing a new generation of eyeshadows that celebrate individuality. With 14 essential shades available in matte, satin or metallic finishes, there’s a colour for every mood and occasion. From the gentle pastel green of Jade Facetté to the opulent metallic gold of Blé d’Or Antique, each hue possesses its own charm, ready to be embraced and transformed into countless make-up looks. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s rich heritage, she meticulously curated the colour palette, with shades like Beige Suede paying homage to the iconic sofa at Mademoiselle’s apartment to Gris Paris mirroring the city’s grey rooftops.

A pro tip for creating captivating monochrome looks is to emphasise the significance of colour theory and daring combinations. Whether you’re enhancing blue eyes with browns and oranges or infusing vibrancy with unexpected pairings, the possibilities are limitless with OMBRE ESSENTIELLE.

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