This month, OHLALA’s editor went for an interesting mechanical massage at Dessange Paris Bahrain – check it out!

Don’t you love when technology finds its way into beauty treatments? I find it very exciting. This month I went to Dessange Paris Bahrain, to try their LPG therapy (a mechanical type of massage that promotes non-invasive treatment that works to contour and smoothen the skin and break down cellulite). I had undergone this treatment before, but now Dessange are the only beauty destination on the island to own the LPG Cellu M6 Alliance Medical, a newer version of the previous machine. I had to try it! I arrived at the reception and Ketut, my lovely therapist, was already waiting for me. She accompanied me to the changing room, giving me a catsuit to put on. All treatments with LPG require this special branded suit that covers the entire body. It is most definitely not very flattering as it shows every little imperfection, but this might be a good reference for the therapist to work on the concerning areas.

After putting the very elastic suit on, I moved to the spa area where Ketut was waiting and after a small talk about the treatment, sips of water and a wet towel to clean my hands, we headed to the special LPG room. As usual, the bed was beautifully decorated with a small branch of orchids, a delicate detail. On the walls, I could see pictures of the treatment and the machine that looked more compact than the previous one. The new Cellu M6 Alliance offers a range of treatments that reshape, release, drain, improve, relieve, smooth and tone the body. It works by revitalising the heart of the cell and is 100% natural, painless and non-invasive. It’s highly recommended post-liposuction surgery to help reduce the pain and release the muscles. It is also indicated to treat athletes.

I have to confess that I was not so thrilled with this treatment as I remembered it was a bit uncomfortable last time. However, Ketut was emphatic in saying that this latest generation machine was not painful at all. I was not sure I could believe her, but she was absolutely right (of course) – there was no pain! It was actually pleasant.

The device comprises one motorised roller and a flat component (previously, there were two motorised rollers) and is packed with a new Alliance Skin Identity sensor which adapts necessary settings to each client’s skin needs. Before we started our session, Ketut asked me which areas I would like to focus on. Like most women, my fat deposits are in the bottom, thighs and abdomen area. She then added the information into the machine and a 40-minute massage plan appeared on the screen. The movements followed what the Cellu M6 Alliance pre-determined and which areas to concentrate on. As stated previously, I felt no pain. Not only do the directions vary, but also the intensity of the ‘sucking’ system. It does feel like the machine is gently pulling the skin while rolling.

Ketut informed me that for best results, I should do 12 sessions, one every two weeks, and combine this with exercise and a healthy diet. I know this is a basic recommendation. However, when it comes to LPG, it is highly recommended because the massage breaks the fat cells and the exercise helps you eliminate them. Ketut said that the ideal would be to have a massage and then exercise. While lipo-massages can work even if you don’t do anything, you see faster and better results if you lead an active lifestyle. Good thing that the Dessange Health Club is just a few steps above the spa.

After finishing my body therapy, Ketut shifted to my face. Yes, the LPG treatment can also be used on the visage to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating dormant cellular activity. This therapy smooths facial expression lines, lifts cheeks, fights sagging skin, wrinkles and much more. It boosts collagen and hyaluronic acid, resulting in a firmed and revitalised complexion. The suction device is in a smaller format but has the same concept and follows specific movements according to the desired result.

If the body massage was pleasant, the facial one was pure delight. I don’t know if it’s because it activates areas that a regular facial massage does not touch, but it was really relaxing. Ketut finalised it with a moisturiser. I then went back to the changing room, but before I slipped into my work clothes again, I checked my bottom area at Dessange’s big mirror and saw that even with one session, my skin felt smoother and my facial complexion looked tighter. Certainly a result a girl likes to see.

As I was not ready yet to say goodbye to Dessange and the weather was beautiful, I decided to go to the café to enjoy a green juice and my ginger tea (a Dessange signature tea offered after every spa treatment that I absolutely love!). After I finished my drinks, it was time to go home. I am most definitely looking forward to my next visit! With Mother’s Day happening this month, I know exactly what to ask as a gift.

For more information or to book an appointment,
please call Dessange Paris Bahrain on 1771 3999.

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