Make Your Move

Messika is invigorating its My Move collection with new colours and versatile materials.

Every year, Valérie Messika introduces new additions to Messika’s iconic My Move collection to ensure that it remains fresh. Having worked with gold and diamonds, she is now getting into a new material – leather.

Valérie is hugely inspired by the world of fashion and has managed to create a colourful and eye-catchingly desirable bracelet. The pieces can be customised to your individual preferences and can be worn on their own or with other My Move bracelets, giving you an endless range of combinations.

The collection brings a matte or varnished finish, a pavé design and 100% gold or titanium to please all tastes and styles. There are more than 300 bracelet combinations available for a wide range of potential looks. The leather juxtaposes with the sparkle from the white diamond, the shimmer of the white, pink or yellow gold and the strength of the natural titanium, graphite or anthracite. This jewellery range is not specifically designed for one gender and can be shared between male and female. Just like borrowing your husband’s or boyfriend’s jumper, you can wear his My Move bracelet. The leather straps can be switched in and out as a playful, customisable, and versatile piece of jewellery. They are fun to wear and pair perfectly with various outfits, adding an extra touch to your day or night looks.

A colour combo available with or without the pavé setting, coming in cherry red and tangerine orange. These My Move bracelets burst with zesty energy.
Whether opting for beige, taupe or chocolate, these sumptuous leathers in sophisticated shades are ready to journey with you on your daily adventures.
The Venetian yellow, emerald green, and white colour palette is the perfect way to bring a bright, casual touch to any outfit.
Rich colours such as China blue, indigo, and peacock blue bring a minimalist aesthetic to this pared-down design.
Touches of raspberry and baby pink give a delicate and feminine vibe to the pieces, a go-to accessory to add a graceful touch to your outfit.

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