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In a unique a la carte set up, The Royal Golf Club-Bahrain has set the bar exceptionally high in what is truly a fantastic Friday brunch…

Links RGC

When you first arrive at The Royal Golf Club- Bahrain’s Links Restaurant and Lounge, you can’t help but stare in awe of the view. The vibrant green golf course and body of cerulean blue water is both soothing and invigorating to the eye. We had the pleasure of enjoying their Friday brunch which, as it happens, takes on a different approach to the norm: it’s all about the a la Carte.

Sitting down in front of the floor to ceiling view of the course ahead of us, we perused the menu – divided up into Breakfast, Cold Selection, Main Course, House Favourites and Dessert – where the mezze and desserts are set up buffet style, while the rest are ordered straight to the super prompt and attentive staff.


We started off with some Bacon and Cheese Bites – oh my days were they melt-in-your-mouth gooey and sinfully good! The wrap-around bacon was crisp to a T and the cheese just oozed perfectly within it – amazing. The Poached Egg, English Muffins, Bacon, Tomato Relish and Bearnaise Sauce is everything you want it to be and absolutely satisfies your cravings. Onto the cold selections. Before we dive into the next round of fine foods however, it’s worth noting how successful an a la carte brunch is: you don’t have to get up all the time and therefore cut conversation in the middle (just when it starts to get good!) and the speed at which your food comes is reassuringly swift.

Before you know it, the food is right in front of you. And there, in front of us was the Pan Fried Foie Gras, Toasted Brioche and Fig Chutney. The latter gave the entire experience a sweet kick while the brioche had the right amount of crunch – in all, a great mix of flavours. A personal favourite, Seared King Scallops, Wild Mushroom Crush and Roasted Pumpkin Purée graced the table next. There’s something so great about the texture of scallops, it’s very much a love it or hate it but we love it. The pumpkin purée is an unexpectedly brilliant match-up with the scallops, tying in the salt and the sweet – the garnishing on top of each scallop is artistically delicate.

Halfway through we had a moment of revelation. The Baked Oysters, Chorizo, Garlic Butter and Breadcrumbs silenced us. Not being the biggest fan of oysters, this dish was approached with a bit of skepticism but we cannot fault the flavours that come out of this bite. We think it’s courtesy of the garlic butter – thank you Chef Paul Gindra! (who kindly came out of the kitchen several times to make sure we were enjoying our brunch.)

Links Friday Brunch

As for the main course it was all about the Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Crispy Root Vegetables, Beetroot Purée, Truffle Oil (major bonus here!) and Beef Jus. We asked for it medium rare, it came medium rare and the internal happy dancing began. Among other great dishes were the Tempura Prawns, Avocado and Cilantro Smear Dip and the ever-so-cute Roasted Tomato & Sweet Pepper Soup, Basil Foam and Goats Cheese Straw (one word: Instagram) and for desserts, get your hands on the salted caramel tart because you will regret it. We love how spot on the portion sizes are, small enough so you can try more off the menu, big enough so that you feel you’ve had a hearty taste.

Links Friday Brunch

A Friday brunch at Links is definitely well spent and, it should be noted, is open to everyone – not just members. And if you want a bit of peace and adult chat only, the Prego kids brunch operates simultaneously. What’s the best takeaway from this experience? You can expect new dishes on the menu every couple of weeks, so there’s always something new to try!

For more information or reservations call: 1775 0777


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