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When you’ve got a Ferrari California T and a weekend stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay at your disposal, you know you’re in for a luxury escape. How do spa treatments, fine dining with a view and a ride in a super car sound to you? You already know just how fabulous a time we had…

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In a country where five-star means the utmost luxury, a brand like the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay definitely has its work cut out to meet high expectations. Firstly, let us say, it’s the towering architectural façade that had us excited about this property from the beginning – it’s completely unique – there’s no other hotel that looks like it. On top of this, the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay is set on its own exclusive island.

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Our stay began in the utmost lavish way – a signature spa experience. There are spas, and then there’s The Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay. For anyone who hasn’t been to the palatial spa grounds, we urge you to walk through it, just to smell those heady wafts of oils and calming aromas. Built around a concept of peace and tranquility, the spa is a labyrinth of calm and relaxation (can we live there, please?) encompassing four interconnected buildings woven together with pathways and gardens with modern design filled with natural light, reflecting Moroccan and Turkish influences.

Four Seasons Bahrain Bay

Our 90 minute treatment was, as you can imagine, pure indulgence. The deep-tissue strokes are ideal for anyone with a busy schedule needing some downtime.Don’t forget to make use of the hotel’s not one, but five, swimming experiences – we particularly enjoyed the indoor pool.

Four Seasons Bahrain Bay Indoor Pool

With our batteries fully charged, we took an evening drive around Manama in our gorgeous Ferrari California T. Zipping around in a car that exudes elegance and is a triumph of engineering is made even better when you’ve got the city’s twinkling lights dancing about, as you push on that pedal and fly – a sight to behold, a beautiful spectacle. With its alluring Italian design and spacious interiors, it’s easy to fall prey to its brilliance.

Ferrari California T

Back at the hotel, still having not done a formal check-in yet, we took to some dinner at Bahrain Bay Kitchen accompanied by fantastic drinks and music. Breakfast is served in this outlet with a sprawling selection of food too. The service is reassuringly prompt and the staff is always enthusiastic, meeting every one of our needs. One thing you won’t have to worry about during your stay at the here is food. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack, or in-room dining, no matter what time of day, the hotel has an impressive seven restaurants and bars that can cater to your cravings.

Four Seasons Bahrain Bay Lobby

After our meal at Bahrain Bay Kitchen, we had some downtime at the Cut by Wolfgang Puck lounge with again, expansive city views. We do love any excuse to enjoy a tipple and a view – a full-fledged view of Manama, no less. So many ticks in the chic department, here. The drinks are fabulously creative in presentation and taste even better. The service is light, by which we mean it’s quick, non-fussy and smooth and the extras are a welcomed bonus (think salty snacks, but the sophisticated kind.)

And finally, to our palace, after a swift and pleasant check-in. Yes, we did not stay in a room, we practically stayed in a King’s quarters. Can we start off by loving the Ferrari California T inspired welcome treats? We totally had to Instagram it before tearing (elegantly mind) into it. Can we also say how much we loved the Hermès bath products? You know you’ve made it when you can lather yourself in the creaminess of Hermès. The bathroom(s), with their big marble makeup is simply the epitome of luxury – so easy to just idle your time exploring all the different features.

Four Seasons Bahrain Bay Suite

One thing that we couldn’t get enough of, was how everything is so well thoughtout. Should you forget anything, low and behold, the hotel have it ready for you, in a logical place that instinct would take you to. The word hospitality is redefined at The Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay, it really is. We were awestruck with the level of comfort and serenity in our opulent space. The floor to ceiling windows are beyond breathtaking, adding extra dimension and volume to the already supremely large space we were in. We later retired in one of the most luxurious beds in Bahrain quite frankly, before heading out the next day for the next part of our luxury staycation. If you like your duvets down and plump, you’ll be spending most of the morning rolling around and snuggling up, trust us!

Four Seasons Bahrain Bay Suite Bathroom

In the morning we got back into our beautiful Ferrari California T and headed back onto the roads for some dynamic driving. Wanting to make use of the novelty weather we’re having, we did what any big shot car owner would do and snaked around Amwaj Islands with the top down to catch those deliciously warm rays. We were of course adorned in appropriate apparel to meet the exceptionally high standards of the Ferrari California T – this means being runway ready with a fabulous heel to match.

Honestly, you feel like gold driving this stunner. Beyond Amwaj Islands we felt a trip in and around the busy streets of Manama would be another great way to make use of the car where we stopped off for some lunch later on. But of course the best way to experience a Ferrari California T is on open road – between Riffa and Durrat to be specific. You can only imagine what force comes with this car and how it glides on the roads. Despite its turbo-charged power, it all feels effortless and weightless – a dream combination.

Four Seasons Bahrain Bay Cut

And after a very authentic Italian drive, we were treated to a very authentic Italian spread at the hotel’s Vento restaurant. Our light fare against the poolside made for a very social vibe and vibrant atmosphere – the open kitchen and wood-burning pizza oven are great to watch between conversation. The food was exquisite, as it always the case. The next day we indulged in a morning swim in the 25 metre indoor pool followed by yet another expansive breakfast at Bahrain Bay Kitchen. Before checking out we took to the luscious grounds (which seem to never end) and enjoyed being at one with nature.

Bahrain Bay Kitchen

Our stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay was pretty much perfect. The service throughout the hotel, from the housekeeping to the dining outlets, the spa staff and everyone else we encountered, was welcoming and attentive. This is the perfect staycation for anyone with a lust for the luxurious things in life. Of course our weekend wouldn’t be complete without a final spin of the Ferrari California T – what a car, what an experience.




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