Ramadan is a period of reflection, and Messika has created a special campaign to celebrate the spirit of the Holy Month.

The French jewellery brand Messika has created a unique bond with the Middle East, a place that holds special meaning for Valérie Messika and her family. To celebrate the spirit of Ramadan, the maison has created a campaign to pay homage to the women of the region. “The Middle Eastern women are some of the most inspirational I have encountered,” said Valérie. “They possess strength and softness in equal parts and have a quiet sense of determination that enables them to pursue success in a manner that is authentically their own.”

Three empowered Arab women of diverse backgrounds and personalities were chosen to star in this introspective session. Saudi tennis player Yara Alhogbani was invited alongside Emirati designer Mariam Al Remeithi and Kuwait-based Lebanese actress Laila Abdallah. In an intimate and private setting, the women were adorned in iconic pieces from Messika’s fine and high jewellery collections.

Yara is the first female tennis player to represent Saudi Arabia professionally at an international level. Young, dynamic and energetic, she possesses a magnetic appeal that ignites and inspires, just like the maison’s signature diamonds. Displaying similar determination, Mariam started pursuing her passion for clothing design in childhood. The fashion designer has trailblazed her path to Paris, innovating and recalibrating benchmarks in a manner that is symbolic of Messika’s visionary designs. A well-known figure in the region, Laila has a multi-faceted and playful personality, attributes inherently ingrained within the values and sensibilities of Messika’s DNA.

The maison also released, for the first time, the Move Noa bangle in full pavé – available in all three gold colours. The bangle can be worn alone or stacked for a more fashionable look. It has a perfect positioning on the wrist and can be swiftly taken off and put on. The symbolism of the three diamonds at the centre of the bangle refers to: I was, I am, I will be (the woman I was yesterday, the woman I am today and the woman I will be in the future).


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