It is Winter in Your Wardrobe

The ball of fire above us is still shining very bright and warming (heating, burning) our days. However, it is time to assess the autumn and winter 2021/2022 trends to embrace the new season in style!

The fashion world has endured the ongoing pandemic. Readapt and recreate were the words of command that designers understood and interpreted in their creations. Some fashion shows happened with safety measures, distancing chairs and reducing attendance, while others opted for just a photoshoot to showcase their new collections.

Either way, designers in the four main fashion capitals showed us that they are done with comfort and dull stay-at-home structures. Bold hues and party-ready are the new vibes of the cold season.

Brands such as Givenchy, Alberta Ferretti and Paco Rabanne showed sparkly dresses for that grand event or party you’ve been waiting for since this whole pandemic situation started. When it finally happens, it will be epic, and an over-the-top outfit will be required!

But if you want something less flashy, denim is the call, as seen at Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen but use a different approach, cover your accessories in blue jeans. Fancy loafers are the classy touch to your looks in the footwear arena, while fashionable clogs add a folksy element to your casual outfits.

Get your wardrobe ready to embrace the stylish trends of autumn and winter 2021/2022.


A touch of colour is the ultimate focal point of an eye-catching look. It can be painting one of your clothing pieces or accessories, or you can be bold enough to go full-on luminescent green. Add a fluorescent verdant note to your outfits to embrace the vibrant energy of this hue.


Long coats are a mandatory item in low temperatures, and they don’t have to be boring! Opt for a checked number to walk in style. Wool pieces are the best pick when the thermometer drops. However, in mild winters, like the ones in the Middle East, you can show off this trend in lighter fabrics such as cotton and fleece.



Love them or hate them, clogs are a retro staple that bring back the hippie vibe of the ’70s. The bulky footwear adds a touch of vintage style to your looks, ensuring that your fashion radar is working at its best! They are traditionally made with wood or reinterpreted in rubber.



This multi-layered textile is the warmest choice of the season. Sewn in different shapes, it traditionally comprises three layers that can be thin or thick, depending on the materials used. The most popular designs are a sequence of diamonds, but creativity is the key here and, during the cold months, it can be worn from head to toe.



Even though we are entering the cold-weather season, designers went big in the miniskirt and dress departments, and the solution to keeping your legs warm is colourful and printed tights. They are daring, adding a striking detail while serving their purpose.


Once a fabric related to labouring, denim has long conquered the fashion world and has been starring in catwalks around the globe. From stone washing to solid dark blue, the well-loved textile can be spotted in dresses, jackets, shoes and handbags.



They say that living in the past is not a good practice; however, this statement is not applied to the fashion world, and we re-live trends from time to time. A staple in old times, men’s vests (waistcoats) are now a fave element in cool girls’ looks. Tailored and sweater pieces are this season’s best bet


The classic men’s shoes have returned to girls’ wardrobes, but chunkier and higher this time. The office high-heeled loafers and Oxfords are stepping out of the corporate world and hitting the high street with block heels for a feminine touch. They are smartly worn with skirts and dresses and if you want an edgy approach, wear them with cute socks.


Animal print is a common find in autumn and winter collections, but this season’s highlight goes to this spotted cat: the leopard. The pattern in this animal’s coat mixes brown, black and white tones, with hints of dark orange. The perfect colour combo for a fashionable look.


It was fun when we discovered that wearing stay-at-home clothes was a thing, and it would be part of our lives for a while. However, after a year and a half of it, we are done and ready to release our inner party animals. Even though life is not fully back to normal, whenever we find the opportunity, the outfit will be breathtaking!

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