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A vision of the past or a projection into the future?

The Isabel Marant Fall-Winter 2021 collection translates this ambiguity into silhouettes, colors and prints.

The folk and libertarian spirit of the 60’s driven by Jimmy Hendrix or Janis Joplin meets the techno impulse of the Gabber scene, a subculture that took the nineties by storm. Psychedelic multicolor floral patterns are layered with an electric blue iridescent vinyl fabric, while Texan boots are worn with oversized sportswear-inspired pieces, adorned with colored yokes.

As a journey across genres and eras, this new collection celebrates craftsmanship and cultural heritage through the evocation of memories, narrated by guipure tops and dresses, shearling boleros and embellished belts. This contrast between raw materials and precious details gives the wardrobe its versatile character – from day to night, masculine and feminine together at the same time.

This season, a video shot in the outskirts of Paris, along the brutalist and hypnotic volutes of an open-air building, serves as an introduction to the collection. The exalted soundtrack by Gabber Eleganza, a symbiotic combination of folk tones and techno rhythms, echoes within its concrete walls. An ode to the long-lost parties.

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