Inspired by Nature

Quintessential jewellery is part of PASQUALE BRUNI’s signature collections. Their creations are constantly evolving; however, their iconic shapes are eternal.

Giardini Segreti

Inspired by the secret gardens of Milan, this collection is all about art and nature and pays tribute to the female world full of passion. The Giardini Segreti is now introducing the long-chain, Sautoir. Flowers, leaves and butterflies shine gracefully on the skin. The rings collection is modelled on the hands to coordinate in harmony with the body and its movements. Every woman has the chance to create a secret garden of her own. The collection offers a precious matching bracelet, necklace and earrings that follow the body’s lines, all in the light of diamonds.

Goddess Garden

This high-end jewellery line revolves around the iconic Plumeria flower representing the excellence of PASQUALE BRUNI’s manufacturing with its unparalleled skill and techniques that have always distinguished the maison. Savoir-faire, creativity and technical skills are the essences of this collection.

Its modular structure allows it to be transformed into four different jewels. The softness of the knitted joints is just one of its secrets: every single flower has its own unique mobility so that the jewellery can perfectly accompany the body’s movement. The matching necklace and earrings culminate in drops of morganite and tanzanite. The collection is completed by a bracelet that transforms into a choker.

Petit Garden

The Giardini Segreti expands its creations and nature with inspiration from Bali, with its exotic flowers, and Hawaii, with its mighty ocean, to give life to the Petit Garden collection. The cascade of diamonds that characterise the choker, rings and bracelets represents blades of grass made of rose and white gold encrusted with diamonds. The jewels can be worn on their own or combined like garlands of flowers


This collection is an ode to beauty and love. The leaves reflect wings that empower women, redefining their divinity. The plates are crafted and set one by one, to then be assembled later. This technique makes it possible to maintain the shape of the leaves and the precision of the overlays. The pieces are available in different combinations of white, yellow, and rose gold and adorned with diamonds and yellow sapphires.

This piece can also be worn in various ways. For example, the adjustable black velvet bracelet can be connected to the front of the collier to create a choker or a long, luxurious necklace with the addition of two bracelets.

Petit Joli and Ton Joli

This collection is designed for women who are always looking for balance; sophisticated yet natural, determined yet spontaneous, dramatic yet serene, and a dreamer yet down-to-earth. The concept behind its creation is flowers that take on the sky, space, and earth colours. Lapis lazuli, white agate, pink chalcedony and onyx are the gems used to create the collection. The Ton Joli line comes in green and white agate to represent nature. One of PASQUALE BRUNI’s abilities is to unite different symbols, the lunar and earthly worlds. The collection features rings, stud earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

For more information on PASQUALE BRUNI collections, exclusively available at Asia Jewellers, please call 1713 1144.

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