OHLALA’s Fernanda Langhammer spent a day at Dessange Paris Bahrain for an ultimate beautification experience – one to be forever remembered.

Can you imagine having an entire day just for yourself? Even when you are in one of your busiest weeks (press week in my case) and you tell the world to stop just because you deserve it! Well, I did it, and I regret nothing. And where did I go for my special day? To Dessange – of course!

My visit started at the parking lot. For your convenience, Dessange has helpful valet parking. You won’t be late for your appointments or classes; they will take care of your car for a fast and hassle-free arrival. I then walked to the reception area, where the girls are always attentive and friendly, making sure you know your schedule for the day. They checked my green shield and gave me my locker key. As I would spend the day enjoying a unique experience, having a locker with all the necessary amenities was great. Inside you’ll find a super-comfy robe, soft slippers, a big towel, shower cap, and more inside the private cupboards.

I put all my belongings in there and took my water bottle to the Health Club, where I joined a Body Pump class with Jacklyn. You don’t actually need to take anything apart from disposition. There is a tray with a sanitiser, tissue box and water. That day the class had the teacher and four ladies. Each of us had our own station with our step platform, weights and mat. The training was intense, to say the least. It follows the original Barbell workout to tone all the muscle groups. Jacklyn is full of energy, and she motivated us in every movement. I have to confess that I am not very athletic, and it was pretty hard for me. However, despite finding it difficult at times, the other ladies were great and followed every command. I, on the other hand, started pretty pumped, but by the end of the 45-minute workout, I was not able to keep up. Jacklyn was the nicest, saying that I did well; however, I know I didn’t – but thanks Jackie!

One of the factors that kept me moving was knowing that after the exercising part, I would be pampered in the spa area – sweet! I took a shower to remove the sweat and headed to the spa. Lovely Joie, the Spa Manager, greeted me and told me to use the facilities before my facial treatment appointment. My muscles were tired, so I decided to spend some time in the steam room – what a good choice! I felt all the toxins leaving my pores with all the sweating. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the experience. After some steam time, I took another shower and entered the warm Jacuzzi. The water was really hot, and I remembered Joie telling me the benefits of shifting from the hot water to the cold pool right in front of the Jacuzzi. I decided to do that. Wow! Wow! The temperature shock seems to wake up every cell in your body. I can only say that it was one of the best feelings I have ever had. It is proven that alternating between hot and cold water strengthens your vasculature (veins and arteries), improving the cardiovascular system. I highly recommend it, mainly after exercising. It was time for the Ultimate Glow facial treatment. I felt very lucky because Joie was my therapist for the day; she is a master of knowledge in the field. The primary purpose of this treatment is to promote hydration. What I learned that day with Joie is that even when your skin is oily, it is a sign that it is de-hydrated. She analysed my complexion and said it was dry and sensitised (a skin condition triggered by external factors and lifestyle). The therapy started with my feet being cleaned with a warm towel. She then moved to cleanse my face in a rhythmic process that felt like a touch dance on my face, then applied an exfoliating enzyme that had its effect intensified by a steaming machine making the extraction part easier.

My skin was ready to be soaked in nourishing nutrients. A moisturising mask followed by a serum application accompanied by an incredible facial massage. And while the mask’s goodness was penetrating my complexion, Joie gave me a meticulous shoulder and scalp massage to improve circulation in the area. I have to say that all services at Dessange are incredible, but I adore the spa treatments and they always offer therapies that go beyond my expectations. I have to highlight that all products used were from the Dessange brand, and I ended up purchasing them for my home care.

My day was not finished; I headed to the salon area to get my roots retouched and finalised with Kaoutar’s fantastic styling skills. While waiting for the dye to re-act, I sipped a yummy smoothie called Love Potion, made with banana, strawberry, orange and yoghurt. Before giving my hair a final touch, she worked on my make-up. I don’t remember ever getting professional make-up done before, maybe years ago for a wedding or special occasion, but definitely not as specialised and complete as that done by Kaoutar. She transformed my face! I looked like me but in an improved version – perfect skin and beautiful purple and shiny eyeshadow to match my complexion tone. I looked like a stunning model, those you see on magazine covers. I loved it! I’ve seen those before and after transformations and was aware of how well-done make-up can change you. However, when it is done on you, it is mind-blowing.

I went home, and my family could barely believe it was the same person they waved goodbye to in the morning. I had to register this beautiful result with an Insta post that was followed by an array of compliments. So good for my self-esteem. Thank you again, Dessange, for another amazing relaxation and embellishing session. See you soon!

For more information and to book an appointment, please call Dessange Paris Bahrain at 1771 3999.

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