Ohlala delves into the world of CHEF SUSY MASSETTI and her advocacy of female empowerment and organic farming.

As a chef, and entrepreneur you are able to empower so many females throughout a variety of industries. Tell us why this is so important to you and your role.
I think that all of us have persevered through ups-and-downs and are now in a position of being heard, this is a duty! We must do it, we have to push the conversation. We can’t just ‘talk’ about equality, we have to act upon it and who better than another woman who has lived and breathed the same adversity? If it starts as a conversation that changes somebody’s mind it can also change policy. If I can help to change one person’s life professionally that’s what this is all about. It all starts with one!

We are all for lifting other women up and fixing each other’s crowns, how do you embrace this mantra?
I exclusively focus on their work, dedication, focus, and ethos. I do not look at them as “women” but as a professional to either applaud, support, encourage or help, and I help as much as they need me to… I do it without judging and without questioning them.

Tell us what female empowerment means to you.
Equality! Sharing the responsibilities with our male counterparts and being an integral unquestioned part of the decision-making progress. Every woman deserves to be spotlighted for greatness, name someone who has impacted your approach to life, and strengthened your position as a strong female in Bahrain. What did they do to help you through your personal journey? Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al-Khalifa, of the Supreme Council for Women’s active role in developing and preserving the environment and agricultural sector in the Kingdom has impacted my professional life. While I’ve always been very passionate about the quality of my ingredients and a hobbyist organic farmer, I became aware of the importance of being able to grow your own food as a way to ensure independence from imported items, being able to develop a system of sustainability as well as maintaining the long-held Bahraini tradition of farming. Her Royal Highness’ support to women is very inspirational!

“We can’t just ‘talk’ about equality, we have to act upon it and who better than another woman who has lived and breathed the same adversity?”

Knowledge is power. What challenge have you overcome as a female and how did this mould your approach to everyday life?
Knowledge is indeed power and the biggest mistake we can possibly make is to believe to know it all! The day we stop learning is the day that we die. I never and I mean never have seen myself professionally as a “female”, hence I believe no one else (quote on quote) did! I’m aware that I have worked hard and I’ve never let my guard down, I never let anyone be it male or female walk over me. I’ve stood strong with my ethos and my work philosophy.


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