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From high-end horologists foraying into hospitality to fashion brands collaborating with lifestyle labels, we bring you the latest, most interesting happenings in the worlds of luxury and style.

Timeless Hospitality

Audemars Piguet’s new Hôtel des Horlogers has opened its doors in Le Brassus, Switzerland; designed by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) in collaboration with the Swiss architect office CCHE. They also signed up for the construction of Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet situated a few steps away. The hotel seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape and all rooms offer a breathtaking view of the region. The interior design brings a contemporary lobby that contrasts with rustic architectural elements. The lobby ceiling’s design is inspired by the forest reflecting on a lake with a network of ivoryhued branches running across it. A passageway follows the hotel’s atypical zigzagging structure, connecting the 50 rooms – from the Valley Guest Room to the Signature Suite. The new venture encompasses two restaurants and a bar – entrusted to French threeMichelin-starred chef, Emmanuel Renaut. The most exciting part is that the superior four-star boutique hotel has implemented a holistic, sustainable approach, from building development to day-to-day operations.

Crystal Living

Swarovski and world-renowned porcelain artisan brand Rosenthal collaborated and released The Signum Collection. Swarovski lends its essence to the capsule with its brand pattern, a translation of the mesmerising and recurrent motif, the octagon. Its brand colours of blue, green, yellow and pink are captured in graphic designs edged with handpainted golden accents – another detail that links to its heritage and craftsmanship. Stylish swan-engraved cut-crystal lids are the centre of attraction and add an extra dose of luxury as do the centre stamps featuring a gold Swarovski Swan. Rosenthal’s extreme attention to detail and in-depth expertise results in a range that is as artistic as it is usable. From forms to printing to the application of delicate and hand-painted décor details, each is a representation of Rosenthal’s workmanship. Including tea sets, espresso sets and full dining services, The Signum Collection is available in verdant green, and is designed to stand alone or be customised with select pieces in the other colourways.

Furniture Fashioned for Summer

Berluti has teamed up with Tectona, a French outdoor furniture brand, to create a limited edition of summer pieces. Made mainly from teak wood, woven resin or aluminium, Tectona’s pieces are as stylish as they are impervious to weather conditions. The brand shares Berluti’s core values in crafting exceptional, high-quality objects that are not only long-lived but also acquire an alluring natural patina (a film formed over time due to ageing and exposure), making each of them unique. Tectona’s Copacabana line, made from teak and fabric, has been chosen for the collaboration. The pieces are joyful, simple and functional. They are inspired by Berluti’s Scritto Arabesque leather goods with the navy Scritto motif printed over a beige background. A limited-edition of 60 deck chairs and 23 folding beds is exclusively available in a selection of 30 Berluti stores worldwide. The pieces from the collaboration complement the maison’s summer ready-to-wear and leather goods highlights.

What’s Your Style, Crocodile?

Lacoste has teamed up with French clothing brand A.P.C. Since 2018, Louise Trotter, Lacoste’s Artistic Director, has propelled a new wave of sophistication and modernity into the crocodile brand. Louise worked with A.P.C.’s Jean and Judith Touitou to design playful pieces for women and men in which the famous crocodile encircles the A.P.C. logo. Sportswear pieces with military references; a windbreaker in navy blue nylon, khaki gabardine and denim; loose jeans, shirts and polo shirts with blue and layette pink stripes; roomy shirt-dresses for women; fleece pieces, joggers and sweatshirts integrate different versions of the logo created for the occasion. The collection also includes accessories: sneakers, striped socks and denim bags as well as, among other items, a giant tote bag and an A.P.C. Lacoste candle.

Sustainable Beauty

Highlighting its commitment to sustainability, L’Oréal Paris has established a 10-year plan guided by ambitious goals with pledges to reduce the carbon footprint of its products sold by half by 2030. “In response to the climate and environmental emergency, L’Oréal Paris is doubling down on its efforts to offer products that are both safe and effective while also being responsible and sustainable,” said Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, Global Brand President, L’Oréal Paris. The beauty brand is investing in research and innovation centres that are dedicated to developing safe and effective formulas. They are looking for solutions that are more respectful of the environment and biodiversity, using less water and more sustainable ingredients. To help with this goal, they use the brand’s ‘Overall Environmental Impact’, a score based on the L’Oréal Group’s scoring methodology that gives an accurate vision of a product imprint by taking into account 14 planetary impact factors at every stage of a product’s life cycle.

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