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Some interior design styles can be related to your personality. You can choose your furniture by checking which style fits your identity or find out what your home décor says about you.

We usually dress in a particular style to express ourselves; it tells people who we are without saying a word. The same happens with our homes. People can tell a lot about you by checking out your home décor and the styles you embrace. Here you can find the most popular interior designs and the personality traits of their fans. You may like only one or, most probably, will feel connected to a combination of styles.

Contemporary Call
This style is usually connected to what is trending and has a refined-finish concept with polished surfaces and natural materials. It incorporates modern design elements with functionality displaying a minimalist trait.
Colours: Neutral shades are dominant. White, cream, beige and brown are the preferred hues in tone-on-tone patterns, together with greys and blues. Pops of colour can be incorporated as an added detail to the room.
Persona: If you like functionality and organisation, this is a great pick for you. Simplicity and elegance define you. It also applies to you if you enjoy following trends and change.

Mid-Century Story
This style is relatively modern and probably the most common interior design style out there at the moment. It combines the comfort and warmth of traditional elements and the clean aesthetics of a contemporary style.
Colours: Warm neutrals are commonly teamed up to dark brown and taupe. Vibrant shades are not very popular in this style.
Persona: If you like to mix and match things, this might be the one for you. This kind of interior design pleases people that like timeless decoration and see themselves as charming and welcoming. They usually pick items that they think will never go out of fashion.

Industrial Feel
This aesthetic embraces elements of old factories and industrial spaces with raw and unfinished interiors. Exposed bricks and metallic pipes can be spotted in this style. They can be applied in the entire home or be used only in places such as the kitchen or living areas.
Colours: Whites and tones of brown are the preferred hues, paired with metallics. White on white is frequently seen.
Persona: People who like this type of interior design are often charismatic and extroverted with an artistic vein and a passion for collecting unusual things.

Vintage Touch
This style is complex and unique. It is composed of furniture that marks a well-defined time in history. However, it is not only about antiquity. Some modern furniture can be inspired by past designs and bring the same trait with a twist. Some characteristic styles from the ‘50s, ‘60s or ‘70s, for example, can be reinterpreted but still carry the features of that specific period – an ode to old-world charm.
Colours: This depends on the period that the furniture was inspired by. But frequently tones of beige, dark blue, maroon, green, teal and peach can be spotted in vintage designs.
Persona: If you like this kind of style, it shows that you might be a complex person yourself. And you are determined, motivated and, deep inside, a perfectionist.

Nippon Lines
This style is all about creating a calm and harmonious atmosphere with Japanese Zen-inspired aesthetics at its core. Natural and soft light along with open spaces and some key-décor pieces that show off this theme reflect this interior design. This style also brings a sense of balance.
Colours: Appeasing tones such as white, grey, beige, soft pink and green are paired with black accents.
Persona: Best suited for people who are simple, positive, organised, energetic and cerebral. They may also have an issue with cluttering and hoarding, preferring to maintain a minimal lifestyle.

Nordic Reigns
Scandinavian designs celebrate simplicity, minimalism and functionality in all their aspects, be it in people’s homes or as a way of dressing. Clean lines and fuss-free furnishings comprise this kind of interior design concept. This style also prizes empty spaces and the facilitation of natural light into the rooms.
Colours: White, warm grey and crisp blues.
Persona: People who identify with this approach are usually friendly, outgoing, have a great interest in culture and are simply elegant.

Palatial Aura
Reviving tradition, this concept combines classic and ethnic styles with some modern elements. Intricate designs, curves and patterns are frequently added to these homes. Lights and mirrors reflect the grandiosity of this interior design. Different textures and the use of printed fabrics and frills are also featured.
Colours: Dark shades of burgundy, navy, brown and black contrast with pale hues.
Persona: People who like tradition and are rooted in their culture like to style their homes with grand furniture and decoration. They can also display some traits of introversion but are usually highly efficient.

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