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The word detox makes us think of hunger, mood swings and limitations. Angela Beitz explains the benefits of giving your body a break…


We all know the feeling. Guilt from indulging during the festive season has kicked in. You feel sluggish. Tired. That gorgeous Victoria Beckham dress you got given for Christmas won’t zip up. You regret every mince pie you ate and you haven’t exercised in three weeks. I hear you. As someone who lives for food and has never met a carbohydrate she didn’t like, I too overindulged during party season. Give me a deep fried carb with some melted cheese and I’m yours. Chocolate is basically my coping mechanism for a bad day and I love a tasting menu. As cliché as it is, January is the perfect time to do a detox. You are in the right frame of mind to actually attempt something as crazy as this and convince yourself that kale juice for lunch is an excellent idea.

“I fought these cravings off by sipping ginger tea but by the end of the third day I swore the packet of Gummi Bears in the pantry was calling my name”

I’ve done a hardcore juice detox before which included six daily juices and it wasn’t pretty. I started it on a Sunday night. I was confident. I felt smug. This was going to be easy. I slurped my cashew milk and went to bed thinking how in five days time I would fit back into my beloved Sass & Bide jeans I bought when I was 19. Fast forward to the following evening to me curled up on my couch in foetal position. One day without coffee or real food and I was struggling. Call me naive but I really didn’t think it would be that hard. Coming off caffeine was probably the hardest thing. The juices actually tasted great and were relatively filling but as a coffee addict I found it very hard to even go one day without my beloved cappuccinos and I really missed the actual process of chewing.

Over the next couple of days, I persevered but oddly I starting craving KFC chicken and licorice all sorts (I haven’t eaten either of these in years). It’s funny how you never want to eat certain types of food until the opportunity to eat them gets taken away from you. I fought these cravings off by sipping ginger tea but by the end of the third day I swore the packet of Gummi Bears in the pantry was calling my name. My colleague’s heads also started to resemble burgers and I was daydreaming about bread and ice-cream.

So after all this torture, was it really worth it? It really was. My skin glowed, I had so much energy and for the first time since I was 10 years old, I had a flat stomach. It amazed me how my body repaired itself while I gave it a decent break. I was also surprised that I didn’t cave and as much as I thought I would celebrate with a giant pizza my body felt so good that I didn’t want to bad things to it (that lasted about four days). My advice is to start off easy with a one or two-day detox just to ease you in. If you have zero self-control you may have to book into a health retreat where you’ll be monitored and not tempted by fresh baguettes and chocolate that you hide around the house.

So what’s my New Year’s resolution? It’s best put in the words of the gorgeous
Gigi Hadid. ”Eat Clean. Stay Fit. And have a burger to stay sane.”

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