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Al Areen Palace & Spa Bahrain by Accor encompassed us in its understated charm and Arabian elegance from the moment we arrived.

Truly living up to its name, Al Areen Palace & Spa is a spectacular sight without even setting foot into the gorgeous Arabian architectural mastery. Providing you with space for relaxation and privacy, the hotel grounds mirror Arabian Elegance from the swaying palm trees to the design of the villas. Upon setting foot in this luxurious and serene place, it is almost hard to miss the fact that Al Areen emulates an aura of magical and mystical far away Arabian lands.

Bordering the spectacular grounds of the Al Areen Wildlife Sanctuary, Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park and the Bahrain International F1 Circuit, the resort is a perfect retreat that spans over 131,000 square meters. There is an authentic atmosphere of tranquility, distinct luxury and exclusivity to meet the needs of their sophisticated client base.

I had decided to treat myself to an overnight staycation in one of their seventyeight intricately decorated private villas; the first luxury in-villa styled hotel in the Kingdom of Bahrain. As I was shown around my 740sqm of paradise I couldn’t believe my eyes at the two king size bedded rooms, outdoor showers, private majilis (accommodating up to 10 guests), steam rooms and dining room. My hedonistic journey commenced as I was introduced to Gossip @ Al Areen which allows for a special breakfast followed by spa treatments for ladies. The pastries were so beautifully presented I couldn’t help but capture that all important instagram moment. Ladies, the next one is Saturday 28th March from 8:30am to 1:30pm, so, get the girls together and enjoy a decadent day full of high tea, manicure and foot massages… girly giggles guaranteed. After check-in I allowed myself to unwind in the private villa making use of all the facilities. Later I immersed myself in their bath that truly epitomises the meaning of luxury. So much so that I’d even brought a bath bomb in anticipation of this delight.

After a day of girly bliss, my husband joined the staycation after he had finished work. Once we’d freshened up, we were escorted onto an artfully painted golf-buggy from the pre-arranged buggy-service that is available and chauffeured to Keizo, a romantic setting with picturesque views of the lake alongside the whole resort. You couldn’t help but take in the surroundings where everything is decorated with a delicate flourish of lights.

The interior itself when we walked into Keizo is something of grandeur and is simply mesmerising. Our evening host warmly welcomed us and proved very attentive and escorted us to our table within the Keizo tent. This really was a breathtaking moment as we sat down and cast our eyes over the lake. Their in-house violinist further amplified the ambience providing the perfect backdrop for this coveted romantic setting.

You cannot help but awe over the presentation of each dish that is brought to your table. Keeping with the restaurant theme each meal was served Japanese style which further added to the authenticity of the Asian restaurant. The kanafeh prawns were truly the highlight for us and we admonish you to visit at once!

After harboring our food babies, we ended up in a food-induced coma after we walked back to our villa we passed out on the extremely comfy luxurious king-sized beds.

A personal butler is allocated to you on arrival to cater to all of your needs, be it to arrange for a buggy, in-room dining or to arrange an incredible floating breakfast in your private pool. Trust me, this was such a beautiful touch when I woke up from a blissful sleep and wanted to make the most of the sunshine and my surroundings – a unique experience that everyone must try. If you don’t want to take the plunge, you can arrange to enjoy a healthy breakfast in the confines of your villa wearing one of their plush dressing gowns and slippers, or visit Keizo and enjoy their bountiful international buffet breakfast with dishes from around the world.

After a full day of relaxation and making the most of my complimentary use of the largest Spa and Wellness Centre in Bahrain, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Live Your Life’s, Al Areen Spa & Wellness’ Ice Igloo and also the largest hammam in Bahrain. The Igloo is a one-of-a-kind facility in Bahrain – the unique and refreshing experience helps boost blood circulation. Rubbing fresh ice on your body lightens your skin whilst also enhancing your circulatory system, so it comes as no surprise that it is highly recommended for those who wish to address a specific cellulite-prone area! After such an immersive day I decided on pampering myself further. After all, it’s only fair that I make the most of my staycation and maximise my time here, right? I decided on The Remedy

Massage Treatment as it is ideal for anyone suffering from stress from work with frequent shoulder and back pain. The massage itself aims on relieving and healing people having a sedentary lifestyle related to stress and office work such as back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulders, knee pain, office syndrome and it can even help alleviate the pressure from migraines, trigger finger and cramps. With all the typing I do in my job role, I definitely needed this and I was willing to try anything! As I sipped on the complimentary Butterfly Pea Flower Tea – which is rich in beneficial health properties – I filled out my consultation form. The tea is one of many nutritional benefits offered here as guests can liaise with the Spa and Wellness Centre’s certified nutritionist, again, the only Spa and Wellness Centre that has this. After my consultation I was warmly whisked off to my own slice of haven. After enjoying their foot ritual with a scrub mask my massage commenced. My certified therapist through a variety of pressure and technical strokes unknotted me and alleviated the stress that I was allowing to burden my posture. At one point, I could have swore that I fell asleep as I was so relaxed. The aroma of essential oils filled the air and cocooned me. You truly do not realise how beneficial and important a massage is until you realise the difference posttreatment where you reap the rewards. I hadn’t noticed how stiff I was or how dull my pain was until the pressure was alleviated.

You can also indulge in a variety of wellness and detox activities such as Aqua Zumba in the private indoor pool-area with a qualified personal trainer if you wish, but this visit I was all about immersing myself into full relaxation mode. Everything about Live Your Life spa allows for a seamlessly effortless but impressive experience.

“A personal butler is allocated to you on arrival to cater to all of your needs, be it to arrange for a buggy, in-room dining or to arrange an incredible floating breakfast in your private pool.”

Speaking of beauty, you cannot help but allow Al Areen’s Convention Centre to steal a piece of your heart as you are captivated in the regality and stunning architecture that it projects in abundance. The golden fixture that encompasses the ceiling is breathtakingly stunning that it is no surprise that this is host to an array of weddings and events. Al Areen Palace and Spa is the perfect wedding destination and backdrop for those lifelong memories and special photos.

Since I’m forever guided by my stomach next up on the lunch agenda was Saffron restaurant that serves Khaleeji and Indian fusion cuisine. After tucking into some fresh bread we were presented with two of their signature dishes; Mixed Grill and Bamboo Biryani Rice with Chicken. The grill was served with a selection of mixed mezze accompanied by the delectable mixture of kofta, chicken and lamb cutlets. They really know how to tenderise and marinade their meat, I must say! Now, I am not exaggerating when I say this but this is the best biryani that I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. The sauce danced over the tender chicken so beautifully I could cry tears of joy. One cannot talk about this dish without also mentioning the presentation where it is unearthed from a bamboo device… perfect for that Instagram boomerang moment!

During check-out we both agreed that Al Areen Palace & Spa by Accor never fails to impress no matter the occasion and further noted that it always leaves a lasting memory with all the attributes of a dear friends’ embrace.

For reservations or more information, please call 1784 5000 @alareenpalaceandspa

Alareen Palace and Spa

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