Enjoy a break during your shopping spree and visit Heavenly Spa by Westin. OHLALA’s editor went for a pampering session at this hidden gem and left feeling relaxed, with super softened skin.

When passing through City Centre Bahrain mall while running your errands, you might not imagine that inside The Westin City Centre Bahrain hotel, which you can easily access from the mall, lies a luxurious and sophisticated spa. A calm retreat in the middle of a bright, busy and loud shopping frenzy.

The Heavenly Spa by Westin is located on the third floor. To get there, you need to pass the yummy creations of Furn bakery on your left ( I had my eyes on the beautiful croissants) and head to the hotel reception but, before you get there, take the lift. As you step outside the elevator, the spa’s large and welcoming reception area is right in front of you. The colours mix natural tones with soothing blue and green accents. It was undoubtedly a delightful surprise to go from bright lights and an impersonal area to a modern and beautifully decorated space welcoming me into a peaceful realm.

I was greeted by the lovely Spa Manager, Jasmin. My treatments for the day were a sugar scrub and an Aspire massage. She explained the benefits of this type of scrub and that the massages are customised to each client’s needs (the therapists are experienced, well-trained and know a variety of techniques) and introduced me to Joy, my therapist. She even played with her name saying she would take me into the path of joy during my session – she was not wrong!

Joy led the way and we entered a camouflaged door that took us to a long corridor lit by lanterns on the floor, giving the ambience a feel of decompression. As we walked forward in this space, I felt as if the world outside had been left far, far away – the type of sensation that puts you in the right mood for a spa day. If the reception was a surprise, the facilities along the corridor were just as impressive. Joy left me in the big, well-lit changing room with a spacious locker filled with a robe, slippers and all the necessary amenities. The changing area has massive mirrors and waterfall faucets in tones of grey and white. It gives a sense of cleanliness with a contemporary touch.

After getting changed, I walked towards my therapy room, following Joy’s previous instructions, and passed through the wet area with a Jacuzzi pool and sauna. As I reached my room, I realised it was much bigger than I had expected (actually, the entire spa space is more extensive than I anticipated and is a hidden gem in this complex of buildings), with a shower area and a massage bed in the centre.

We started with the sugar scrub. This ingredient is sweet and perfect for desserts but not so lovely when scrubbed into the skin; the smell is great, though. It is considered a mild exfoliator; maybe that’s why it is a popular ingredient in natural therapies. I guess Joy noticed it was my first time having this type of treatment, she enquired whether the pressure was fine, and I asked for gentler movements. I’ve experienced Hammam before, and a more delicate rub is always one of my requests. Maybe if I did them more often, as I actually should, my skin would get used to a more intense session.

Sugar scrubs help to remove dead skin and unclog pores. This deep cleaning technique produces rejuvenated and more radiant skin with its natural glow restored. Sugar also delivers a natural anti-ageing effect and if you exfoliate your skin from time to time, it will be better prepared to absorb your favourite moisturiser. I definitely need to do it more often!

After Joy scrubbed every inch of my entire body (apart from my face), she asked me to shower to remove the granules. I could feel that my skin was so much softer; it felt super smooth and nice to touch.

It was time to be pampered with the massage part of my spa day. Heavenly Spa offers four different oils: Recovery, Serenity, Clarity and Vitality to be used in their massages. They are formulated to achieve what their names suggest. Joy chose Serenity for the whole body and Recovery in the critical parts, such as my back and shoulders. As mentioned previously, the therapists propose the ideal massage for each customer and mix and match techniques to best approach the client’s issues or desires. Joy mostly gave me a relaxing massage, but with her 15 years of experience, she noticed that my back and shoulders needed extra attention. She then applied a different style of pressure and movements to these areas. She worked on my knots and stretched my limbs to help my muscles release the tension they had been carrying. I felt like a new woman.

The experience reached an end, but I didn’t leave before having a pleasant ginger tea and cookies in the relaxation area.

The five-star hotel offers an elevated experience with all the services and dining spots available, but the spa, ah! A calming retreat where you least expect it – definitely worth checking out next time you visit the mall. You can treat your sore soles or ditch the shopping part completely and head straight to the spa. I reckon the latter is my favourite option!

For more information and to book an appointment, please call
Heavenly Spa by Westin at The Westin City Centre Bahrain on
1717 1122.

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