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CHOPARD showcases the HAPPY SPIRIT collection and its mesmerisingly charming talismans as the perfect offering during Ramadan and Eid.

Life naturally harbours the joy of perpetual motion, as gracefully expressed through the subtle movement of a talisman jewel: the Happy Spirit collection symbolises the cardinal values permeating the Maison Chopard. A jewellery collection imbued with multiple artistic sources, which it vividly embodies through its light effects and pure lines. Exuding the lightness of time and punctuated by the timeless beauty of the circle and dancing diamonds, Happy Spirit is available in a complete range of necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings and bangles in 18-carat gold and diamonds. All carry within them the joyful radiance of endless celebration. Childhood summed up in one smooth move: that of a pebble sent skimming across the water, where aquatic circles echo a playful impulse. A metaphor and a stylish reflection of this vibrant momentum, Happy Spirit captures the spirit of a mineral heart – that of a diamond – surrounded and further enhanced by concentric circles. At the dawn of the new century, Chopard’s iconic dancing diamonds gave birth to Happy Spirit, a collection of jewellery endowed with mesmerising charm, talismans for the woman who wears them and a living tableau for those who observe them in action. Happy Spirit jewellery is now reinvented through a new design that is sleeker, lighter and more luminous than ever.

The ageless femininity of the circle

The enduring symbolism of the circle, mingling ethnological and cultural elements, stems from its aesthetic perfection exercising an undeniable fascination. Through a wonderful game of chance and kinetic energy, dancing diamonds perform a mesmerising choreography staging multiplied circles, the perennial and multicultural symbol of femininity, fertility and perpetual rebirth. Their incessant movement tells the story of a whirl of a joyful life in motion.

Happy Spirit comes as a collection of necklaces and pendants of different sizes, equally capable of enhancing a cashmere sweater or a full-length evening gown. Depending on their size, one to three dancing diamonds rotate, protected by several nested circles. The collection also features ear studs and a pair of sleeper earrings as well as rings and bangles. Each model is made of 18-carat ethical gold – to which the Maison has been officially committed since July 2018 – available in two versions: diamond-set white gold or two-tone polished rose and white gold.

When jewellery mirrors art

The eminently feminine roundness of the circle naturally conjures up a range of artistic connotations. It naturally brings to mind Calder’s amazing mobiles, which perform an enchanting ballet at the slightest breath of wind. The figure of the circle and its interlocking elements also evoke sculptural references dear to the Russian avant-garde, as well as to the surrealist movement which, through the work of André Breton, celebrated the concept of objective chance. The free and apparently random variations of the circles gracing Happy Spirit jewellery stage a perpetually renewed show that vividly illustrates this formal interpretation: a single movement or impulse enables them to redraw the map of possibilities and reshuffle the cards of desire.

“Childhood summed up in one smooth move: that of a pebble sent skimming across the water, where aquatic circles echo a playful impulse.”

Chopard collections are available at Bahrain Jewellery Centre (BJC)

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