Happy Hair, Happy You!

Since February 2020, the pandemic pretty much took our pampering havens, beauty salons, away from us for a while. To visit one of the best after such deprivation brings another level of happiness. OHLALA’S Layal Al-Mahmoud experienced the house of hair experts, the famous TONI&GUY.

Gladly acting like models, we entered City Centre Bahrain and headed towards a big name in the world of hair care that implies trust and quality – TONI&GUY.

Walking in, you are received with a warm welcome that uplifts your mood on the spot. A swift registration process, temperature check, apply sanitiser, and follow all Covid-19 precautions and within a couple of minutes, we were shown to our seats.

The place is not huge; but you can certainly feel the luxury and discipline. While I wanted to go for a short and smooth look, my daughter made a perfect model for long, thick, curly hair. We had a professional consultation with two of the salon’s top experts and the decisions were made; it was a cut for me and an Intense Boost Treatment for my 14-year-old.

I adore short hair but would not trust just any hair stylist to give me a boy cut! At TONI&GUY, and in the hands of the senior stylist, Clint, I was relaxed and assured. He explained what he was planning to do and made sure I was okay with it. His talent has been evidenced with every compliment I have since received from friends and strangers alike. I walked out a happy client, indeed.

Curly hair, on the other hand, can be a challenge. We were desperate for a smoothing treatment that could ensure easy handling without compromising the beauty of the curls. Taking the advice of the knowledgeable stylists, we steered away from heavy treatments which are not recommended for under 16s and instead opted for a purely organic treatment that can be applied monthly to minimise the dryness naturally and diminish the frizziness via hydration, repair and restoration. A recommendation I highly appreciated as a mother, placing the well-being of my daughter to the forefront.

Intense Boost is a well-designed treatment from KeraStraight, a star product at London Fashion Week. It is a combination of a protein mask and a moisture mask. A marriage that gives the hair softness and shine with zero chemicals. Amen to that!

The process took about two hours from the hair wash until the Instagram photo before leaving. The protein mask was applied to clean hair generously, after which, the hair was blow-dried to help seal it in. Then came the Soufflé from Label.m, the house brand, to loosen up the curls a bit, while the Rescue Crème finalised the treatment by repairing, hydrating, and protecting the locks.

Luxurious or average, let us admit that we are all emotionally attached to our salons. At least, I am. I feel lost when a salon I like closes and I have to search for another one. It is like relationships, they take time. And you might never find ‘the one’!

Well, trust me, at TONI&GUY you will be in talented, experienced and good hands indeed at a very reasonable price. A knowledgeable and friendly team that is ready to satisfy your hair desires.

It might be the ‘one salon’ for you! Book your next hair appointment now and try it yourself. Nail care is also available.

(The spa services will resume on June 11, subject to Government approval).

For more information or to make an appointment, please call TONI&GUY on 1700 1700 and 1701 1701.

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